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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #12. We have some very interesting packages and discussions this week, including an OAuth2 server package, and methods of gracefully shutting down an HTTP server. The size and number of active user groups around the globe continues to grow too. If we've missed anything, feel free to reply to this email and let us know. Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Ferret: A resourceful substring search engine in Go
"One of our greatest challenges has been building a flexible, yet high-performance search engine that interfaces with our Go backend. The result is the open-source project Ferret - it handles error correction, sorts the results, and doesn't hog resources"

Using Juju to build gccgo
Learn how to leverage Juju's workflow engine to compile gccgo without having to worry about finding all the various dependencies that a modern gcc build requires.

What's happening in Go tip (2013-09-07)
Dominik Honnef continues his coverage of changes happening on the Go repositories. This week Dominik covers the reusable Writer in compress/flate, improvements to text/template, and more control over database/sql’s connection pool.

Iterators in Go
"[W]hen I’m writing code, which [iterator] version should I use in each case: a) I just want to get the code working b) I want to extract maximum performance or c) I want a balance between readability and performance?"


OSIN is an OAuth2 server library for the Go language. The library implements the majority of the specification, like authorization and token endpoints, and authorization code, implicit, resource owner and client credentials grant types.

Go Manager - bundle for go

YAG is yet another graphite.

Simple HTTP-based queue server

Go Oracle
The oracle is designed to answer, quickly and precisely, a range of questions about your Go program, such as "where can this dynamic call dispatch to?" or "who sends values on this channel?".

A tiny helper library to manage subcommands in your Go CLI application

Cron expression parser

A Go implementation of RFC 6979's deterministic DSA/ECDSA signature scheme.

lfucache implements an O(1) LFU cache structure.


http graceful shutdown
The Go community is reaching a viable method for graceful HTTP shutdown.

PayPal hardware powered by Go

Multidimensional arrays for Go. It's time.


Golang Paris, September 25

Go User Group Hamburg, September 26

Go Miami, October 3

Go TO, September 19

Go Steel Programmers, September 26

Denver Go Language User Group, September 26

Golang Kraków, October 1

GoSV, September 24

GoLangPhilly, October 16

Golang Melbourne, October 1

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