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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #13, and to all the new subscribers. We have a new section this issue for Go package maintainers who are seeking contributors to their project. If you'd like your project to be listed in the next issue, just reply to this email. We prioritise projects with good documentation. You may also want to follow our Twitter account to stay updated. — Matt

SPONSOR is the maker of IronMQ, a scalable cloud-based message queue, and IronWorker, an elastic task queue/worker service, and one of the first companies to use Go in production.'s services are designed for building distributed cloud applications quickly and operating at scale. The services are easy to use, highly available, and require no setup and no ops. Reduce complexity, build to scale, get Iron.


What's happening in Go tip (2013-09-20)
Another good summary of what's changed in Go tip recently

Go 1.2 release notes
The Go 1.2 release candidate is now available, so these may be updated before 1.2 ships

Creating a proxy server with Go
"I've been playing around with Go so I figured it'd be a fun project to build a small TCP request proxying server with it."

Recursion and tail calls in Go
Looking at recursion in Go, and the corresponding assembly code

Go object-oriented design
"Go is a thoroughly object-oriented language. It allows methods on any type we define, without any of the boxing/unboxing found in some other languages..."


Meeus implements algorithms from the book "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus.

A mulitarmed bandit to A/B test Go projects or other languages via an HTTP API


QML support for Go


Looking to help out with a Go package? Have a look at the projects below.






Go and Google App Engine (GAE), 2013-10-18 (Golang DC)

The Prevoty Show, 2013-10-17 (Los Angeles Gophers)

Talk about Go, 2013-10-03 (GoSV)

Hack on Go, 2013-10-01 (Golang Melbourne)

Scott Kay: Review Real World Go Application, 2013-10-16 (GoLangPhilly)

Go Hack, 2013-10-03 (Go TO)

Best of two worlds: Lecture + Workshop., 2013-10-01 (Golang KRK)

Introduction To Go Programming, 2013-10-04 (Go Miami)

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