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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #14, and welcome to all the new subscribers: we've now tipped well over the 3,000 subscriber mark which is a nice (if inconsequential) number. As many of you will know, Go 1.2 is just around the corner. You can read the rc2 announcement here. As ever, if you have feedback on the newsletter, please let us know: our goal is to be a valuable community resource. Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.

SPONSOR is the maker of IronMQ, a scalable cloud-based message queue, and IronWorker, an elastic task queue/worker service, and one of the first companies to use Go in production.'s services are designed for building distributed cloud applications quickly and operating at scale. The services are easy to use, highly available, and require no setup and no ops. Reduce complexity, build to scale, get Iron.


How does the go build command work?
"[H]ow the Go build process works using examples from Go's standard library."

Embrace Go's HTTP tools
On using http.Handler, as opposed to abstractions of it, to create web applications

Built In Interfaces
Techniques for extending, instead of re-implementing, standard library interfaces using database/sql as an example

Building SkyDNS
"SkyDNS is our attempt to solve the problem of finding the services that are running in a large environment."

HTTP Handlers as Middleware
"Most modern web stacks allow the "filtering" of requests via stackable/composable middleware, allowing you to cleanly separate cross-cutting concerns from your web application. This weekend I needed to hook into go’s http.FileServer and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to do."

Cross Compile Your Go Programs
Cross-compiling on a Mac


Provides miniprofiler wrappers for database/sql

Skynet is a framework for distributed services in Go

libmagic bindings for golang to detect mimetypes

goats-html is an atribute-based template system specialized for HTML

g0bin is a client side encrypted pastebin written in Go


Vim Configs
Users share their vim configs and offer productivity tips on writing Go code

Comparing Go to C/C++: Business Card Raytracer
Nice play-by-play of the community helping optimize a program to reach C++ speeds

Determining the cost of a switch statement
Highlights how Go optimizes the switch statement


Gopher Saufup, 2013-10-24 (GDG Berlin Golang)

DevFest Berlin 2013, 2013-11-01 (GDG Berlin Golang)

Go and Apache Cassandra, 2013-10-30 (GoSF)

GoSF Meetup - Go After 2 Years in Production, 2013-11-07 (GoSF)

Monthly meetup & presentation, 2013-10-31 (Go Steel Programmers)

Monthly Denver Gopher Meetup, 2013-10-25 (Denver Go Language User Group)

Go + Andrew Gerrand, 2013-10-22 (Golang Москва)

Go Social, 2013-10-24 (Go TO)

Writing Code In Go, 2013-10-23 (Go Miami)

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