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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #15. Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.

SPONSOR is the maker of IronMQ, a scalable cloud-based message queue, and IronWorker, an elastic task queue/worker service, and one of the first companies to use Go in production.'s services are designed for building distributed cloud applications quickly and operating at scale. The services are easy to use, highly available, and require no setup and no ops. Reduce complexity, build to scale, get Iron.


Systems research using Go
A write-up of using Go to test various Paxos (distributed consensus) variants and submitting a research paper.

Sum types
"A sum type is a type in a language that can have multiple different kinds of values, which themselves may contain values of differing types."

Introduction to images
Using Go's standard library to manipulate images.

Zero downtime upgrades of TCP servers
There have been various discussions around this topic over the past few months. This article describes a possible implementation.


Serf is a decentralized solution for service discovery and orchestration that is lightweight, highly available, and fault tolerant.

Go in the cloud by Clever Cloud
A new PaaS dedicated for Go apps.

A new version of godev, a web-based Go language IDE, has been released to GitHub.
Chris McGee has released a new version of godev, a web-based Go language IDE. Also be sure to check out the godev quick start video.

Manage local application configuration files using templates and data from etcd.

go-webkit2 provides Go bindings for the WebKitGTK+ 2 API. It permits headless operation of WebKit as well as embedding a WebView in a GTK+ application.

An intelligent code search and browsing app written in Go. Lists source code, docs, and examples.

Command line option parser.

An experimental Sublime Text clone, written in Go.


Handling a file upload in Go?
Examples of how to deal with HTTP file uploads in Go.


Looking to help out with a Go package? Have a look at the projects below.

HouzuoGuo/tiedot Wiki


DevFest Berlin 2013, 2013-11-01 (GDG Berlin Golang)

GoSF - Go After 2 Yrs in Production | Profiling Go Code, 2013-11-07 (GoSF)

Monthly meetup & presentation (Golang), 2013-11-22 (Go Steel Programmers)

Go London User Group #5, 2013-11-21 (Go London User Group)

Learning Go the fun way, 2013-11-21 (Golang Amsterdam)

Golang Meetup - November, 2013-11-26 (Go User Group Atlanta)

November Meetup, 2013-11-13 (GoLangPhilly)

First Live Meetup for Go enthusiasts in Finland!, 2013-11-02 (Finland/Helsinki Go/Golang interest group)

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