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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #16. With four years since the initial public release of Go, last week saw some good articles on how Go is being used in various companies. Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Four years of Go
Andrew Gerrand gives a recap of four years of Go as an open source project.

Profiling Go Programs
Profiling and improving an LRU cache using pprof

Introduction to Go debugging with gdb
A walkthrough of using gdb to debug a Go program

More simple test coverage in Go 1.2
Dave Cheney covers some improvements to the `cover` test coverage tool which is part of the 1.2 toolchain

What we've been doing with Go
"Almost two years ago CloudFlare started working with Go. What started as an experiment on one network and concurrency heavy project has turned into full, production use of Go for multiple services."

Go within Cloud Foundry
An overview of why Cloud Foundry chose Go, and how it is being used

Why did we decide to write Docker in Go?
"Docker is currently one of the most popular Go projects. After a (quick) Docker intro, we will discuss why we picked Go, and how it turned out for us."

Intro to images in Go: concurrency
A good example of using channels to generate an image of communicating nodes.


A new web development toolkit which integrates with existing code that implements the http.HandlerFunc interface

"An open-source, distributed, time series, events, and metrics database with no external dependencies"

"A JSON parser generator for high performance encoding and decoding in Go"

"Augmenting the basic net/http package with functionality found in web frameworks without breaking the original API"

"Pythia is a web frontend for the Go source code oracle, which is a source code comprehension tool for Go programs"


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