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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #18. If you're in Europe at the beginning of February, you'll be interested to know that the schedule for the Go devroom at FOSDEM 2014 has been announced. And don't forget that the Gopher Academy blog has been running a great set of articles this month, so take a look. Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Writing a modern web app with Go, TDD, REST, and AngularJS
Slides/code from a talk given by Francesc Campoy Flores at Pivotal Labs.

Three-index slices in Go 1.2
A good explanation of three-index slices.

Optimization in Go, an informal overview
A talk given at the Stockholm user group.

The cover story
A guide to the new cover tool, which shows test coverage of code.

Go 1.3+ compiler overhaul
A document on the plan to rewrite the Go compiler (gc toolchain) in Go (it is currently written in C).

Simple defaults with easy configuration in Go packages
A note on how the log package provides a default logger while making configuration easy.

Measuring C API Coverage with Go
A method of discovering which parts of C API have been covered with a Go wrapper.


An sql.DB wrapper for master-slave database topologies.

A PostgreSQL client which takes an alternative approach by not using the database/sql interface.

muxado is an implementation of a stream multiplexing library in Go that can be layered on top of a net.Conn to multiplex that stream.

Use various sensors on the RaspberryPi with Go.

Combination logging, exception reporting, and metrics library.


Shared Go libraries

Communicating state between functions


Golang Meetup 2013-12-26 Tokyo Golang Developers
Hide from the summer and Hack on Go 2014-01-07 Golang Melbourne
Go Meetup 3 2014-01-11 Golang India


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