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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #19. A quick reminder about two upcoming events in Europe on Go: the Go devroom at FOSDEM 2014 and dotGo, a conference on Go. Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Go for Pythonistas
A talk given by Francesc Campoy Flores comparing Go and Python, and showing how some features such as generators can be implemented.

etcd by Brandon Philips
Slides from a talk given at GoSF

Slice tricks
"Since the introduction of the append built-in, most of the functionality of the container/vector package, which was removed in Go 1, can be replicated using append and copy."

A journey Into NSQ
"This post describes the internal architecture of NSQ with an emphasis on Go, focusing on performance optimization, stability, and robustness for high throughput network servers."

Channel buffering patterns
"Some programs don't need to process each message immediately, and can more efficiently process several messages at once. Other programs receive bursty input but are able to coalesce groups of messages."


Example of a Go desktop application (TODO list) using GTK

"Streamtools is creative tool for working with streams of data. It provides a vocabulary of data processing operations, called blocks, that can be connected to create online data processing systems without the need for programming or complicated infrastructure."

A package for manipulating (resize, rotate, etc.) images

Effortlessly persist to and read flag values from an ini config file for Golang programs


The Elder Gopher 2014-02-04 GDG Berlin Golang
Jesse Szwedko - A review of Go ORMs 2014-01-31 Go Steel Programmers
Monthly Denver Gopher Meetup 2014-01-24 Denver Go Language User Group
Go London User Group #6 2014-01-23 Go London User Group
Andrew Gerrand from Google 2014-01-30 Golang Amsterdam
Hack on Go 2014-02-04 Golang Melbourne
How does Golang work in real life? 2014-01-21 Golang KRK
Golang Paris 2.0 "Ceresco" 2014-01-28 Golang Paris
General Meetup and Code Bash 2014-01-24 Go Miami
Golang Meetup 2014-01-30 Tokyo Golang Developers
GolangVan Kickoff 2014-02-06 GolangVan
Chapter One 2014-01-23 Lisbon Golang
First Go User Group Meetup! 2014-02-06 Gainesville Go User Group
#1 GoMad: Toma de contacto 2014-02-04 GoMAD - Madrid Go User Group
Intro to GO Language 2014-01-28 Bangkok Gophers


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