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Welcome to Golang Weekly Issue #2. Thanks for all the feedback on the last issue — I'm still refining a few things, so feel free to get in touch if you've any comments. And if you're hiring Go developers, send me an email with the details and I'll include it in the jobs section below. — Matt


Go 1.1 Function Calls
Russ Cox on how function calls are currently implemented, and the changes due in 1.1

Using type assertions to safely reach through interface types
Illustrates refactoring a type switch to use a type assertion

Teaching distributed systems in Go
Lessons learned using Go as a teaching language

A tale of two queues
Using Redis and ZeroMQ from Go


A plotting library for Go

An organisation developing various tools (many for OpenGL) for Go

GoTray for OS X
Watch and automatically build Go applications

A package for loading an XML Schema Definition into structs


Mutation testing in Go
Intentionally introducing errors into source code to audit testing

Reachability analysis
Looking at how the compiler assesses return statements

Advice on a thread-safe fetch-and-cache design
Designing for concurrent cache operations


Thomson Reuters is looking for backend server developers to program a Go SIP server
The SIP server is going to be used for one of the largest active financial instant messaging communities. We are looking for contractors in the New York city area. Looking for people that have active experience in scaling socket based servers, preferably in Go


GoSV March 7th (San Mateo, CA)

GoSF March 27th (San Francisco, CA)

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