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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #21. Last time I checked, the videos from FOSDEM weren't quite uploaded, but they'll be in the next issue if available. If you'd like to reach 3,700 Go programmers by sponsoring Go Newsletter, we have some open slots going forward — feel free to get in touch. Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


The Research Problems of Implementing Go
Russ Cox's presentation covering concurrency, polymorphism, GC, and program translation.

Using Go’s present with Python code snippets
Showing that `present` can be used to run more than just Go code.

Drone and Docker, Open Source CI
Drone, the Continuous Integration service based on Docker, has been released as an open source project.

Closures in Go
A detailed look at how closures are implemented.

Go channels on steroids
Dmitry Vyukov, a Go core contributor, outlines his plan to improve the speed and scalability of channels in Go.

QML components with Go and OpenGL
Gustavo Niemeyer is doing some amazing work at Canonical to enable graphical client-side development with the Go via QT's QML framework.

Does the next decade belong to Go?
Josh Software takes a look at the big picture and explains why Go is positioned to play a much larger role in software development in the coming decade.


Hooktftp is a dynamic read-only TFTP server. It's dynamic in a sense it is executes hooks matched on read requests (RRQ) instead of reading files from the file system.

gpm now at v1
gpm, the barebones dependency manager for Go reaches 1.0.0


Implementing a transactional map through channels and goroutines
Discussion on techniques for safely sharing a map with multiple readers/writers.

Why generics?
Discussion with real-world examples of where generics can be useful, and some other approaches.


February meetup 2014-02-24 Edmonton Go
Mesos + Go 2014-02-20 GoSF
Go Session 1 - Programming in Go 2014-03-06 GoSF
February Go Meetup 2014-02-19 golang-syd
Gorilla Web Toolkit, Capistrano deployment 2014-02-28 Los Angeles Gophers
Talk about Go 2014-02-26 GoSV
Introducing the Martini web framework 2014-02-28 Go Steel Programmers
Monthly Denver Meetup 2014-02-28 Denver Go Language User Group
Hack on Go 2014-03-04 Golang Melbourne
Go for Java Developers 2014-02-19 GoLangPhilly
First Go Meetup in 2014 2014-02-27 Go User Group Hamburg
Kick off meeting 2014-02-17 GDG Gigcity
Go Tampa Kick Off 2014-02-20 Go Tampa
OpenShift and Docker 2014-02-26 Docker Atlanta
Straight from the gopher's mouth 2014-02-27 Go AKL
Web development with a systems language 2014-03-04 Madrid Go User Group
Getting started with go. 2014-03-05 Go Cape Town User Group

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