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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #22. Videos from FOSDEM are now up as one epic playlist, and there are a number of excellent in-depth articles in this issue. Don't forget there's also a Go Newsletter twitter account if you'd like to get more frequent updates. Compiled by Matthew Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Go DevRoom FOSDEM 2014
The videos from the Go DevRoom at FOSDEM 2014 are up!

Go Bootcamp book
A free book for learning Go, written as an accompaniment to the first Go Bootcamp.

FLOSS Weekly Episode 284 - The Go Language
FLOSS Weekly interviews Francesc Campoy Flores, Developer Programs Engineer for the Go team, on all things Go.

It's Go time on Linux
"Some interesting changes related to timekeeping in the upcoming Go 1.3 release inspired us take a closer look at how Go programs keep time with the help of the Linux kernel."

Reviewing etcd
A deep dive in to the etcd codebase.

Web form validation And localization
Using the go-i18n package to display localized validation error messages.

Throttled: guardian of the web server
Martin Angers looks at throttled, a package that implements various strategies to control access to HTTP handlers.

Zabbix API with Golang
Rafael Fernandes dos Santos provides a nice walkthrough of automating Zabbix monitoring with Go.

Go Style Guide
Brad Fitzpatrick shares the Go style guide used at Google.

Cluster-level container deployment with Fleet
The latest addition to the CoreOS stack, Fleet, builds on etcd and systemd to provide a distributed, fault-tolerant platform for deploying applications on CoreOS clusters.

HTML Coverage Reports with GoConvey
GoConvey now supports HTML coverage reports.

The nature of channels
William Kennedy provides an in-depth review of how channels work.


"Package httpauth implements cookie/session based authentication and authorization. Intended for use with the net/http or packages..."

Go bindings for liblxc. Lots of functionality including the ability to manage the full life cycle of a LXC container and run adhoc commands.

mango is a small command line utility that allows you to create manual pages from the source code of your Go commands. It builds manual pages from the comments and flag function calls found in your .go files.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk client (for Go) and command-line tool for easy binary deployment.

Package throttled implements different throttling strategies for controlling access to HTTP handlers.

Minimalistic Go Library for Creating JSON API Servers


Proposed breaking change in crypto/tls for 1.3
To address cases where hostname verification is skipped by default, agl has proposed changing tls.Conn.Handshake so that it returns an error when neither ServerName nor InsecureSkipVerify is given in the tls.Config.

How to set GOPATH in Windows.
Here's how you set GOPATH the Windows way.

Bit mask to represent set of flags
Great discussion on how to use a bit mask to represent a set of flags; code example included.


Community Gopher 2014-03-14 GDG Berlin Golang
Edmonton Go Meetup 2014-03-25 Startup Edmonton
GoSF - Serialization | OpenStack | RaspberryPis 2014-03-20 GoSF
March Go Madness 2014-03-26 golang-syd
FoundationDB Go Bindings 2014-03-11 Golang DC
Monthly meetup & presentation 2014-03-27 Go Steel Programmers
Monthly Denver Gopher Meetup 2014-03-28 Denver Go Language User Group
Introduction to Go 2014-03-19 GDG Gigcity
Cross Compiling / Task Oriented Programs 2014-03-13 Go Miami
Golang Meetup 2014-03-18 Tokyo Golang Developers
Lets meetup and establish a long term agenda for Go Israel 2014-03-19 Go Israel
Pizza & Go! 2014-03-14 san diego golang
Introduction to Go 2014-03-15 Golang Pune
Deploying Sophisticated Go applications to App Engine 2014-03-11 Atlanta Go Enthusiasts
Go bootcamp 2014-03-27 Davidson Golang


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