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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #23, a slightly shorter issue than usual. We'll probably increase the frequency with which Go Newsletter is sent fairly soon, since articles and posts seem to be arriving at an increasing rate. Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Go in Action book
Early access to the book by Brian Ketelsen, Erik St. Martin, and William Kennedy.

An introduction to the Go programming language with Andrew Gerrand
A podcast introducing Go and discussing the areas where it is useful.

Pointers in Go
Dave Cheney looks at some ways in which Go pointers improve over C and C++ pointers.

Sane Concurrency with Go
A discussion of the pattern Heka uses to launch each plugin in its own goroutine.

JSON decoding in Go
Great article exploring various powerful options for decoding JSON.

Conserving file descriptors in Go
"Go makes it very easy to write highly-concurrent applications – so easy, in fact, that it exposes you to OS limits fairly quickly."

Go tips for newbie gophers
"This is just a collection of tips that would have saved me a lot of time if I had known about them when I was a newbie."

Go concurrency patterns: pipelines and cancellation
In case you missed it, a great article on the Go blog about streaming data pipelines


Faster JSON serialization for Go

Go development environment for Vim
A new plugin, vim-go, that aims to improve on the current vim plugins for Go development.


Spring Sauf up 2014-04-11 GDG Berlin Golang
Distributed, Versioned, Image-oriented Datastore 2014-04-16 Golang DC
Free: Intro to Go - Instructor led course 2014-04-12 Denver Go Language User Group
Hear from Go in the field and learn to code it 2014-04-03 Golang Amsterdam
Using Go for a medium sized creative agency contract 2014-04-01 Golang Melbourne
Darrel Herbst: Angular Go - lessons in squared off corners 2014-04-09 GoLangPhilly
Dissecting Go! 2014-04-15 ChicaGoLang
Rencontre avec Sébastien Binet : High energy golang coder 2014-04-09 Golang Paris
Talk on Google App Script 2014-04-16 GDG Gigcity
Google Hangout With Kyle Isom 2014-04-18 Go Miami
Docker Boulder Drinkup 2014-04-09 Docker Boulder
Google App Engine, creating animated Gifs and text/template 2014-04-10 GolangVan
April meetup 2014-04-12 Lambda Jakarta
Whispering Gophers: networking programming in Go 2014-04-09 Go Cape Town User Group
Primo Meetup GOLANGIT 2014-04-11 golangit - Go language Italia
Pizza & Go! 2014-04-18 san diego golang
OC Gophers First Meetup! 2014-04-11 Orange County Gophers


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