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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #27. Most (all?) Gophercon videos have now been uploaded here. Also, it looks like there are more Gophercons planned around the world, including Brazil and India.

Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Alice – painless middleware chaining
Another approach to chaining handlers to organise a web application.

A comparison of Go web frameworks
Unfortunately this doesn't mention Beego which is definitely worth assessing.

Reasons why a functional programmer might embrace Go
Interesting perspective on why Go might be attractive to functional programmers

Encapsulated Services with consul and confd
An in-depth article on managing application configuration and discovery

TARDIS: Go for Haxe
A presentation on Go and the Haxe cross-platform toolkit

A Go-based, Plan9-influenced OS

Go 1.3 linker improvements
Details of the speedup to the Go linker


GoFiddle -
Test and share Go code

Turn arbitrary database/sql query results into CSV files as easily as possible

An idiomatic approach to HTTP middleware

Configure Emacs as a Go editor from scratch

FIX Protocol library implemented in Go


Gophercon India


Apcera is the creator and provider of Continuum, the secure, hybrid cloud platform that provides cross-cutting control over all service layers, resources, and connections. Built in Go, Continuum enables perimeter-less network security over large-scale distributed systems, uses policy to unify dev and ops, and blends legacy and new technologies. With Continuum, you can use the tools you want, focus on what you do best, and go faster, safely. At enterprise scale. is the maker of IronMQ, a scalable cloud-based message queue, and IronWorker, an elastic task queue/worker service, and one of the first companies to use Go in production.'s services are designed for building distributed cloud applications quickly and operating at scale. The services are easy to use, highly available, and require no setup and no ops. Reduce complexity, build to scale, get Iron.

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