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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #31, enjoy!

Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Concurrency Patterns: Context
Introducing Google's context package which makes it easy to pass request context across API boundaries in Go servers.

Structuring tests in Go
Notes on creating clear and maintainable tests.

Stream multiplexing in Go
Implementing custom protocols with muxado

Go: Easy to Read, Hard to Compile
Some informative corner cases (from Google I/O).

Building Sourcegraph, a large-scale code search engine
One of the many great talks at Google I/O

Linux networking in Go
Introducting tenus, a tool for creating and configuring network devices.

Parsing PHP in Go
Including Rob Pike's lexer strategy


A simple HTTP request/response logger for Go supporting multiple formatters.

gofmt for markdown

Run Hadoop programs with Go

A tool for managing infrastructure from the creators of vagrant.

An experimental UNIX shell


SendGrid powers your app's outgoing & incoming email capabilities, through a super-scalable cloud-based infrastructure. SMTP & API integration options let developers build more faster and focus on the important stuff. One of the early companies to use Go in a large scale production environment, SendGrid will reliably and at scale deliver your critical application email.

Apcera is the creator and provider of Continuum, the secure, hybrid cloud platform that provides cross-cutting control over all service layers, resources, and connections. Built in Go, Continuum enables perimeter-less network security over large-scale distributed systems, uses policy to unify dev and ops, and blends legacy and new technologies. With Continuum, you can use the tools you want, focus on what you do best, and go faster, safely. At enterprise scale.

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