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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #35. In case you missed it, Go 1.3.3 has been released. And we're looking forward to dotGo next week; see you there!

Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Building a testable Go web app
A look at how Sourcegraph structure and test their web application

Deploying Go servers with Docker
A walkthough of using docker to deploy a Go web application on Google Compute Engine.

CDN acceptance testing for GOV.UK
A thorough look at using Go's testing tools to specify and test an external service, in this case a CDN

Using // +build to switch between debug and release builds
Build tags, a conditional compilation feature of Go, can be used to produce debug builds with extra verbosity

Learning Go from the perspective of a C developer
A short post on some considerations of a C user moving to Go

Not another net/http tutorial
A good article expanding on some of the uses of net/http.


A package to help build self-documenting command line applications

General-purpose extensions to database/sql

Go CSS preprocessor

Inspeqtor gathers key metrics from your applications and alerts you when things look wrong


SendGrid powers your app's outgoing & incoming email capabilities, through a super-scalable cloud-based infrastructure. SMTP & API integration options let developers build more faster and focus on the important stuff. One of the early companies to use Go in a large scale production environment, SendGrid will reliably and at scale deliver your critical application email.

Apcera is the creator and provider of Continuum, the secure, hybrid cloud platform that provides cross-cutting control over all service layers, resources, and connections. Built in Go, Continuum enables perimeter-less network security over large-scale distributed systems, uses policy to unify dev and ops, and blends legacy and new technologies. With Continuum, you can use the tools you want, focus on what you do best, and go faster, safely. At enterprise scale.

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