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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #37. It's hard to believe it's been five years since Go's public release, and we have lots of related links in this issue.

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Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Go 1.4rc1 is released
Go 1.4 will be released shortly: this is the first release candidate.

GopherAcademy guest blog posts
To mark five years since Go's release, GopherAcademy are running a month of guest posts on their blog. Lots of interesting articles including kubernetes, InfluxDB, and bleve.

Half a decade with Go
Andrew Gerrand recounts some highlights five years on from the initial public release of Go.

Embedding static assets in Go
Deploying one binary is great, but being able to embed static resources can be even better.

Videos from dotGo
More videos have been uploaded from dotGo, including talks, the panel discussions, and interviews.

7 mistakes in Go and when to avoid them
Steve Francia's talk on some common pitfalls, given at GothamGo.

Distributed Systems in Go
This talk from GoSF covers some fundamentals of using Go for distributed systems.

Go and JSON
A helpful guide to processing JSON covering types, empty fields, field tags, and so on.

The Go project moves to github


Open source API-compatible alternative to Sublime Text.

Web-based PostgreSQL database browser written in Go.

Go + HTTP/2
A test server for Go's HTTP/2 implementation, which is currently being worked on by Brad Fitzpatrick.

Announcing Bosun
A new monitoring and alerting system from StackExchange, built with Go.

Delve is a Go debugger, written in Go.

It's interesting to see more tools that use "go generate" being built. This is a code generator for MessagePack serialization.

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