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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #39. Go 1.4 has been released, with various internal changes and support for Android/ARM. GoCon was also a few weeks ago, from which we have a couple of talks. Thanks for reading, and see you again in 2015!

Compiled by Matt Cottingham and Kelsey Hightower.


Go 1.4 Release Notes

Graceful server restarts with Go
How to pass a socket between running processes so that they can be safely restarted.

Implementing a bignum calculator
Rob Pike's talk on implementing a command-line calculator.

NSQ-centric architecture
Building a chat system with NSQ, a distributed messaging platform written in Go. Given at GoCon 2014.

Hacking Go compiler internals
An interesting talk looking at the lexer and parser. Given at GoCon 2014.

Testing techniques
A recording of Andrew Gerrand's talk, originally given at Google I/O 2014.

The expvar package - metrics for Go
The expvar package allows a Go process to expose variables to the public via an HTTP endpoint that emits JSON.

Go vs. C: A Language Comparison of Concurrent Programming Features
A look at how pthreads and Go's concurrency features compare.

Dockerize a Go webapp and database
A guide to using docker with a Go application and PostgreSQL.


Writing Go in Vim
Overview of setting up Vim for Go development.

Experimental, automatically generated set of AWS clients.

Experimental UCI chess engine.

A utility for writing behavioural tests with `go test` and surfacing the results via a web page.

A config loader that provides extra conveniences for dealing with multiple environments.

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