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Welcome to issue #6. Go 1.1 has been out for over a week so it seems like a good time to have a section dedicated to it summarising, and there's also been Google I/O with a few talks on Go. If I've missed anything, reply to this email or find me on twitter. — Matt

GO 1.1

Go 1.1. is released
Announcement on the Go Blog

Go 1.1 Release Notes
Official release notes

Go 1.1 performance improvements
"Go 1.1 features several improvements in the compilers, runtime and standard library that are directly attributable for the resulting improvements in program speed."


High Performance Apps with Go on App Engine

Advanced Go Concurrency Patterns

Fireside Chat with the Go Team

All the Ships in the World: Visualizing Data with Google Cloud and Maps


Exceptional crashes
"Exceptions teach developers to not care about errors"

The Reliability of Go
Using Go in the financial world

Exploiting a Go Binary
Details of an exploit that has been fixed in Go 1.1


Goweb Version 2 Beta 1
New release of the REST framework

"Create static HTML presentations and articles"

Version 1 is out


Go User Group Hamburg, 23rd May

Go London User Group, 29th May

Go Steel Programmers, 30th May

Los Angeles Gophers, 30th May

Go User Group Atlanta, 10th June

Golang Amsterdam, 26th June

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