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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #7. A lot has happened since the last issue, including the release of Go 1.1.1, and there have been some good articles documenting first experiences with Go. And don't forget to check the events section as there are loads of upcoming events. As ever, if I've missed anything, feel free to reply to this email or find me on twitter. — Matt


You don’t need to set GOROOT, really
"In general it is not necessary to set the $GOROOT environment variable when compiling or using Go 1.0 or later. In fact, setting $GOROOT can lead to hard to debug problems if you have multiple versions of Go present on your computer."

Graceful stopping in Go
"The idea is to stop listening, presumably so a new process can take over, and let all open connections respond to any in-progress requests before finally stopping service."

Golang Diaries I
Tim Bray writes about exploring Go

Why is a Goroutine’s stack infinite?
"Occasionally new Gophers stumble across a curious property of the Go language related to the amount of stack available to a Goroutine. This typically arises due to the programmer inadvertently creating an infinitely recursive function call."

On Go
"Herein a grab bag of observations on the Go programming language, positive and negative... To my mind it bucks some orthodoxy on what a good effective language is supposed to look like; for that alone, it's interesting."

Writing a FUSE file system in Go
Talk from LA gophers on implementing a FUSE filesystem

GoSF video
Recording of talks from a recent meeting of SF Go users


"Ground Control is a Go based daemon that runs on your Pi and lets you manage and monitor it with ease."

"Golint differs from govet. Govet is concerned with correctness, whereas golint is concerned with coding style. Golint is in use at Google, and it seeks to match the accepted style of the open source Go project."

HTTP traffic replay in real-time

Watch a directory for changes

Distributed web broker for the masses

gh is a command line client to GitHub


Go 1.1.1 is released

Deploying Go to Ubuntu, Upstart script?
Nothing too exclusive to Go here, but it might help those wishing to use Upstart to manage their Go programs


GopherCon 2014

Go User Group Hamburg, June 27th

GoNOVA (Alexandria), July 25th

Go TO (Toronto), July 4th

Golang Melbourne, July 2nd

Denver Go Language User Group, June 24th

GoLangPhilly, July 10th

Go Steel (Pittsburgh), June 27th

Austin Go Language User Group, June 20th

Golang Amsterdam, June 26th

Go London User Group, 10th July

GoSF, June 19th

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