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Welcome to Go Newsletter Issue #9. A good variety of stuff this time around, of which I would particularly recommend the Google Developers video on Go at 6Wunderkinder. If I've missed anything, feel free to reply to this email or find me on twitter. — Matt


Online upgrades in Go
Upgrading a server without dropping connections

Variant Types in Go
"I was searching for a way to keep a slice of data where each element might be a different data-type. The approach I had been taking was in trying to define a data-structure that could act as a wrapper for some of the basic data types. I then learned through the wisdom of these developers that Go could already accommodate my needs in a much simpler fashion."

My impressions of Go
"This post is my attempt to provide the sort of overview I would have valued reading before I started my own investigation into the language."

6Wunderkinder on Go
How Go is used at Wunderlist

The first Go program
"[W]hat is the oldest Go program? Rob Pike dug into his mail and found it in an old message to Robert and Ken Thompson."

Camlistore introduction and status update
An introduction to camlistore, a content-addressable data store, with Brad Fitzpatrick and Brett Slatkin

Continuous delivery with Go
"[B]uild, test and deploy a golang application to Heroku and the Heroku wercker add-on

Golang Diaries II
Tim Bray's second report on using Go


A markdown processor for Go

Camlistore is a way of storing, syncing, sharing, modelling and backing up content

A utility for handling command-line flags to Go programs

Go bindings for GTK3

Leveled execution logs for Go


Garbage collector not releasing memory in recursive function?


Assets, comments and other beasts., 2013-07-26 (Los Angeles Gophers - Go Programming Language)

Monthly meetup & presentation (Golang), 2013-07-26 (Go Steel Programmers)

Monthly Denver Gopher Meetup, 2013-07-26 (Denver Go Language User Group)

Hack on Go, 2013-08-06 (Golang Melbourne)

Golang Meetup - July, 2013-08-01 (Go User Group Atlanta)

Go Meetup, 2013-07-25 (Go User Group Hamburg)

Go Talk, 2013-07-25 (Go Toronto)

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