#205 — April 5, 2018

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Golang Weekly

Using Go on Low Powered Hardware“How low we can Go and still do something useful?” It’s not quite Go as you know it, but here’s an interesting look at using Go on an ARM Cortex-M0-based board with 4KB of RAM to flash an LED.

Michał Derkacz

The Tragedy of Finalizers — Go lets you register finalizer functions that get called when objects are garbage collected, but.. you probably shouldn’t use them.

David Crawshaw

Monitoring and Distributed Tracing for Go Apps — Collect, visualize, and alert on custom metrics in real-time. Utilize distributed tracing and interactive flame graphs to gain full-stack visibility and optimize Go applications performance with Datadog. Try it free.

Datadog sponsor

On Using Go Interfaces Well — Brief, high level thoughts on interface use and what interfaces in Go should be like.

Eno Compton

▶  Building CLI Tools in Go with Cobra — Francesc is back with a 27 minute screencast on using Cobra, a fantastic library for building modern command line apps with Go.

Francesc Campoy

GoCraft: A Minecraft-esque Demo Written in Go — Just the basics of rendering terrain and moving around for now, but it’s a neat, relatively minimal example of using OpenGL from Go.


Go 1.10.1 and Go 1.9.5 Released — Minor fixes to the compiler, go command, net/http/pprof and other packages.

Andrew Bonventre

Go and SQLite: When 'database/sql' Chafes — Covers the creation of a new Go interface for SQLite which doesn’t use database/sql. “Does the world really need another Go sqlite package? Maybe!”

David Crawshaw

Initial WebAssembly Support Commit Made to Go“This is the first commit of a series that will add WebAssembly as an architecture target.” Not much to see yet but good steps, and the GOOS/GOARCH target name will be ‘js/wasm’.

Richard Musiol

▶  Go: Looking Back and Looking Forward — At GopherCon Russia, Go core team member Brad Fitzpatrick gave a talk on the ‘eras of Go’s life’.

Brad Fitzpatrick

💻 Jobs

Full Stack Web Developer, Munich, Germany — 👋 Gophers. We’re building exciting new products with React & Golang. Join our growing team here at our beautiful office in Munich. 🚀

equinux AG

Sr. Software Developer at CrowdStrike (Irvine, CA) — CrowdStrike is the leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, which helps protect our customers from cybersecurity attacks.


📖 Articles & Tutorials

Running a Keras / TensorFlow Model in Go

Tony Truong

Writing a Basic Web Crawler with CollyColly is a Web spidering framework for Go.

Edmund Martin

Synchronization Queues in Go — Two approaches are compared and contrasted.

Michał Łowicki

Manifold is the Marketplace for Independent Developer Services — Find, organize, and connect the best cloud services for your application.

Manifold sponsor

▶  Building a Google Home Action in Go — Using DialogFlow and a Go API hosted on Google Cloud. GitHub repo.

Alex Pliutau

🔧 Code, Tools & Demos

VSCode Golang Extension 0.6.78 Released — A key enhancement is a codelens for debugging benchmarks.


A Frequently Updated List of Go Interfaces — Extracts interfaces found in each Go version’s sources.

Michel Casabianca

Fix Production Bugs in Seconds with Sentry

Sentry sponsortools

Awesome Go Linters: A Curated List of 60+ Go Linting Tools

Examples of Data Structures and Algorithms in Go — Covers binary trees, hash tables, linked lists, etc.

Mykyta Paliienko

aah 0.10: A Scalable, Rapid Development Web Framework — aah is opinionated, HTTP/2 capable, and well-documented.

Jeevanandam M.

Shaman: A Lightweight, API-Driven DNS Server


gron: A Tool That Makes JSON 'greppable'

Tom Hudson

Gonum: Numeric Libraries for Go — Covers matrices, statistics, optimization, etc.

Minio: An Amazon S3-Compatible Storage Server Built in Go

Minio Cloud Storage

Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo

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