#220 — July 19, 2018

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Golang Weekly

Getting to Go: The Journey of Go's Garbage Collector — A fascinating slide-driven transcript of a keynote given at the International Symposium on Memory Management detailing the journey and design decisions that led to Go’s current garbage collector.

Richard L. Hudson

Go Modules Have Landed — This is very bleeding edge and on the development builds of Go only for now, but.. “If a go command runs outside GOPATH/src and there is a go.mod file in the current directory or one of its parent directories, then modules are enabled (otherwise not)”

Russ Cox

Rollbar Go SDK Is Now V1.0 — Detect errors in your Go apps in production, then debug them within minutes before your users notice. Rollbar Go SDK is open source, stable, and easy to install. Get unlimited errors during your free trial.

ROLLBAR sponsor

Taking Go Modules for a Spin on Go 1.11 — After building the latest Go 1.11, Dave converts his httpstat project to use Go modules with a (surprisingly?) simple command. He follows up with a post on integrating Go modules with Travis CI.

Dave Cheney

Prose 2.0: Bringing Natural Language Processing to Go — Originally a text processing, tokenization, and summarization library, Prose is now attempting to be a more general NLP library for Go. GitHub repo.

Joseph Kato

Participle: A Parser Library for Go — Participle takes the familiar approach of using struct field tags to define a grammar, so if you’ve used encoding/json, you’re well on your way.

Alec Thomas

💻 Jobs

Software Engineers at JumpCloud (Boulder, CO) — JumpCloud is solving complex problems around authentication. We will be at GopherCon Denver, so say hi if you see us around.


Cybersecurity Engineers (Lyon, France) — We analyze industrial protocols, at a rate of millions of packets per second, and all in Go. Join us.


The Go Team at Google is Hiring


📘 Tutorials & Articles

Deploy a Buffalo App to DigitalOcean with DockerBuffalo is a webapp dev framework for Go.

Kagunda JM

Read About Developer Trends in the Latest Issue of Currents — Nearly 50% of devs don't understand what serverless computing is. Find out more in our latest dev trends report.

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Writing A Reverse Proxy in Just One Line (Sort Of..) — Go prides itself on its pragmatic and useful standard library. Writing a production-ready reverse proxy with very little code proves this pride.

Ben Church

Building Go from Source

Carolyn Van Slyck

Image Manipulation in Go: Converting an Image to Grayscale

Muhammad Usman

Ask HN: What's the Current State of Web Frameworks in Go? — Answers from folks using beego, Ravel, Gin, chi, or even no framework at all. Rolling your own collection of smaller packages into a personal framework seems common.

Hacker News

The Application Security Guide for Modern Operations Teams

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🔧 Tools & Code

vim-go 1.18 Released: The Go Development Plugin for Vim — The changelog is here.

Fatih Arslan

Liftbridge: Lightweight, Fault-Tolerant Message Streams — A server that implements a durable, replicated message log for NATS.


SQLBoiler: Generate a Go ORM Tailored to Your Database Schema

Volatile Technologies Inc.

Secure, Affordable Image Processing

Blitline sponsor

router7: A Pure Go Small Home Internet Router Implementation — Implements the services needed to make a fiber7 connection work (DHCPv4, DHCPv6, DNS).

Michael Stapelberg

✨ Golden Oldies

An Introduction to LLVM in Go

Felix Angell

A Theory of Modern Go — A case for dependency injection over of global variables and init() functions.

Peter Bourgon

Very Basic Go Concurrency for Beginners

Mat Ryer