#225 — August 23, 2018

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Golang Weekly

Building a High Performance Geohash in Go Assembly — We’re going to lead with an amazing but very low level guide to using Go assembly to produce a high performance lat/long hashing function.

Michael McLoughlin

Exploring Error Handling Patterns in Go — While idiomatic error handling in Go is the easy (and, possibly, wise) path, there are other error handling patterns that you may like better.

Kyle Krull

Manifold Is the Marketplace for Independent Developer Services — Manifold brings together the best cloud services from every category you need to power your application.

Manifold sponsor

Create a Simple Cross-Platform Desktop Game with Go — Uses a neat approach that could work with apps other than games too. You basically build a regular webapp and render it with webview which works cross platform).

Sau Sheong Chang

Go 1.11 Release Candidate 2 Released — It’s almost here, with just a few blocking issues to go. Google uses RCs in production so give it a try yourself too.

Andrew Bonventre

Another Introduction to Go Modules — While this topic has been covered a bunch recently, Roberto goes at the topic from both ends: how you version an module and how you use (and upgrade) a module.

Roberto Selbach

Serverless Status: Our Weekly Serverless Newsletter — Sure, we know there are still servers with ‘serverless’ but the structural and operational ideas that serverless principles are introducing are significant. Go is an increasingly common language to use in a serverless fashion, so our sister publication may be of interest.


💻 Jobs

Software Engineer (Platform) in Los Angeles, CA — DeepCurrent is creating the most efficient invoice processing solution, where structured data can be leveraged to serve customers and create value.

DeepCurrent Technologies, Inc.

Find A Go Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in dev roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials & Articles

Build a Multiplayer Game in Go with PubNub

Chandler Mayo (PubNub)

Write Go, Run WASM — Possibly the shortest WebAssembly experiment/tutorial possible.


Data-Driven Guide to Level-Up Your Engineering Team 🚀 — Data-driven insights to increase team velocity (7M commits analyzed).

GitPrime sponsor

Building a Serverless Function using the Serverless Framework and Go

Ewan Valentine

Interacting with Ethereum Smart Contract Events in Go


How We Improved the Observability of a Go Project — What one group did when taking over a legacy project to improve observability. This really focuses on concepts over code.


Monitor Golang Application Performance in Real-Time. Try Datadog Free

Datadog sponsor

▶  Don't Just Check Errors, Handle Them Gracefully — A true classic.

Dave Cheney

🔧 Tools & Code

Go-HEP: A High Energy and Nuclear Physics Package — A paper on a Go package to interact with some C++ libraries used by nuclear physicists.

Cornell University

water: A Simple TUN/TAP Library — TUN and TAP are software-based, virtual network interfaces.

Song Gao

TinyGo: A Go Compiler for Small Devices, Based on LLVM — A project to bring Go to microcontrollers and small systems with a single processor core.

Ayke van Laethem

dsched: A Distributed Task Scheduler with gRPC and REST Interfaces — dsched offers functionality that is akin to cron but over gRPC and REST. It includes CLI tools in Python and Go.

Andrey Nechypurenko

Memory Leak Detection in Production Go Applications

StackImpact sponsor

GoAWK: An AWK Interpreter Written in GoAWK is a text processing language with a long history.

Ben Hoyt

Hugo 0.47: Output Minification, Live-Reload Fixes and More — Another release for the popular static site generation tool.