#256 — April 4, 2019

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Golang Weekly

Why Are My Go Executable Files So Large? — To answer this question, Raphael wrote a D3 (a Javascript visualization library) application and learned a lot about Go executables. This is a long and interesting read.

Raphael ‘kena’ Poss

A Tool to Analyze and Troubleshoot A Go Binary's Size — Staying along the lines of the story above, Goweight is a tool you can use to analyze a Go binary’s size including the size of each Go module used.

Dotan J. Nahum

20 Patterns to Watch for in Engineering Teams — GitPrime's new book draws together some of the most common software team dynamics, observed in working with hundreds of enterprise engineering organizations. Actionable insights to help you debug your development process with data. Get your copy.

GitPrime sponsor

Vugu: A Experimental UI Library for Go + WebAssembly — This is a still-in-development Vue.js-inspired UI library that lets you build Web-based frontends in Go with the integration taking place through WebAssembly. This is an interesting, but bleeding edge, space.


Free Gophers Pack: A Collection of Gopher Pictures and Elements — Got a presentation, blog post, or heck, even a newsletter you want to rustle up some nice Go-themed graphics for? These cute elements could help.

Maria Letta

💻 Jobs

Golang Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world's leading brands.


Senior Backend Engineer - Passenger Team — Be among the first backend engineers to join our remote and user-centric team to make sure passengers get a stellar experience.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Better x86 Assembly Generation with Go — We don’t have the video just yet, but the slidedeck is pretty illustrative even if you’re not familiar with this space.

Michael McLoughlin (Uber)

A Go Implementation of Poly1305 That Makes SenseFinally. Presuming, of course, you know what Poly1305 is (it’s a Message Authentication Code) and know some math.

Filippo Valsorda

Monitoring and Distributed Tracing for Go Apps — Get full-stack monitoring and alerting for Go apps and 250+ infrastructure integrations. Try Datadog free.

Datadog sponsor

How to Write Kubernetes Custom Controllers in Go — The official Go clients for Kubernetes talk to a Kubernetes cluster and let you manage and change its state.

Anartz Nuin

Better Error Handling in Go? — An approach to remove some of the boilerplate around errors.


▶  Go: A Key Language in Enterprise Development? — A video and (good) transcript of a talk given at QCon SF last year on the potential benefits of Go in enterprise environments. (Note: This is aimed more at developers looking at Go from the outside rather than Go experts.)

Aarti Parikh

🔧 Tools & Code

Go Report Card: Project Code Quality Report Cards — Enter a URL to a Go repository and get a report card that checks format, linting, and other issues.

Go Report Card

TXEH: A Go Library and CLU Utility for /etc/hosts Management


Build & Run Go Unikernels Easily with OPS - Open Source, Written in Go

OPS sponsor

Config: 12 Factor Configuration as a Typesafe Struct“Manage your application config as a typesafe struct in as little as two function calls.”

Jeremy Loy

htmlgo: A Library for Writing Type-Safe HTML in Go — Here’s a blog post introduction to the project.

Julian Vossen

FTPGrab: Grab Files Periodically from a Remote FTP or SFTP Server Easily

Crazy Max

kache: A Simple In-Memory Cache Written using Go — Kache aims to be Redis compatible and, in fact, uses the Redis Serialization Protocol (RESP). Version 1.0 is now available.

Kasun Vithanage

📄 The code editors Go developers prefer

Source: Go 2018 Survey

Last week's results from the latest Go Survey show that Go developers are leaning away from Vim and more towards Visual Studio Code and JetBrains' GoLand. VS Code's rise in most programming communities is pretty significant, to be fair, particularly in the JavaScript world.

And last but not least..

Gopherbot: The Robotic Gopher Plushie You Can Code — We mentioned the launch of this project just last week (and even interviewed its creator) but now you can actually put your money down for one (they’re not cheap, but the funds support the development of things like TinyGo).


P.S. If you just want the gopher plushie on its own, those are available from here. We hope to bring back the giveaway soon!