#258 — April 18, 2019

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Golang Weekly

An Overview of Go's Tooling — “Overview” seems insufficient for this tome of how to use Go to do just about everything from linting to rewrite rules to stress testing. Bookmark this one.

Alex Edwards

Slow Down Your Code with Goroutines(?) — Concurrent code based around Goroutines can turn out to be slower than taking a sequential approach due to CPU cache synchronization. Christoph investigates.

Christoph Berger

Do You Need Help Migrating / Building an Application? — When it comes to building, maintaining and deploying production level software in Go, there are few companies that have the level of expertise and experience Ardan Labs has. Let’s talk to see if we can augment your development team or help you build a product?

Ardan Labs sponsor

▶  Meet the Authors of the Go Language — A panel-based session at last week’s Google Cloud Next event where several core Go team members took questions.

Google Cloud Platform

go-elasticsearch: An Official Go Client for ElasticsearchElasticsearch is a fantastic document-based search engine and the new(ish) official Go client has had some key releases recently. There are several examples to learn from and even a complete XKCD searching app.


💻 Jobs

Backend Engineers - Bitly — Solving interesting problems at scale with Go. Way beyond just making links shorter. We’re growing all of our teams in New York and Denver. Come join us.


Find A Golang Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

How I Use Postgres with Go — An experienced Gopher imparts knowledge around the best packages for a driver, migrations, queries, and testing. Oh, and much of this can be applied to other databases, as well.

Johan Brandhorst

Simple Serverless with Go Functions and Microservices — A few examples of using OpenFaaS in various scenarios (from scratch, for an existing Go service, etc.)

Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS)

📕 20 Patterns to Watch for In Engineering Teams — Actionable insights to help you debug your development process with data. Get your copy.

GitPrime sponsor

Security Checklist for a Go Developer

Elena Grahovac slidedeck

▶  Talking All About APIs on Go Time — If you missed the news that the Go Time podcast is back after a year long hiatus, dive back in here with Mat Ryer, Johnny Boursiquot, Jaana B. Dogan, and Mark Bates discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of APIs and integrations.

Go Time Podcast podcast

🔧 Tools & Code

Aurora: ANSI Colors for Go, Supports printf/sprintf — Makes it easy to print text and use ANSI colors on the terminal.

Konstantin Ivanov

go-flags: A Command Line Option Parser Library — Offers some more options than the standard library and uses reflection to make specifying command line parameters easy.

Jesse van den Kieboom

Package Kubernetes Apps as Self-Contained Tarballs

Gravitational sponsor

checkdigit: Check-Digit Algorithms and Calculators for Go — Covers standards like ISBN, JAN, and EAN numbers using Luhn, Verhoeff, and Damm algorithms.

Osamu Tonomori

A Go Conversion of a Simple C# Raycasting Engine — If you like your 3D rendering, Wolfenstein 3D style! Uses the Ebiten 2D game library to assist with rendering and controls. Example video.

Eric H

Miniredis: A Pure Go Redis Server, Ideal for Unit Tests — A mature project and has gained support for pub/sub in the past few weeks.