#265 — June 6, 2019

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Golang Weekly

Rethinking Visual Programming with Go — An experiment with visualizing Go in an effort to break out of the confines of editors/IDEs and make it easier to see a code base more easily.

Ivan Daniluk

try: A Controversial Proposal for a Built-In Go Error Check Function — One of Go’s designers is proposing that Go could get a new try function as a way to cut down on all of the explicit if boilerplate when handling errors. This is a controversial one, as the reactions on this thread show.

Robert Griesemer

Do You Need Help Migrating / Building an Application? — When it comes to building, maintaining and deploying production level software in Go, there are few companies that have the level of expertise and experience Ardan Labs has. Let’s talk to see if we can augment your development team or help you build a product.

Ardan Labs sponsor

A Simple Introduction to Building an SQL Parser in Go — This introduction focuses on parsing SQL but the principles could apply to most languages, including those of your own creation. If this topic intrigues you, Rob Pike’s now classic Lexical Scanning in Go talk may also be of interest.

Mariano Gappa

Go Module Mirror and Checksum Database Now in Beta — There’s now an official Go module mirror (located at proxy.golang.org) and it’s now being used by Go 1.13’s development branch by default. You can use the checksum database feature on Go 1.12 now by using gosumcheck.

Katie Hockman

nargs: A Static Analysis Tool to Find Unused Arguments in Function Declarations — This tool is a bit more aggressive than others, which may result in false positives.

Alex Kohler

💻 Jobs

Golang Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world's leading brands.


Land a New Dev Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Object Calisthenics in Go — Object Calisthenics is a set of programming rules (created by Jeff Bay) aimed at making code more readable and clear.

Elton Minetto

How to Deploy a Buffalo App using DokkuBuffalo is a popular Go-powered Web framework and Dokku is essentially a Docker-powered PaaS/Heroku-a-like.

Emir Ribic

Video for Go with Mux — Easily build beautiful video experiences into your Go app with our SDK.

Mux sponsor

What's Coming in Go 1.13 — A slidedeck with one developer’s personal picks of his favorite parts of Go 1.13.

Daniel Marti slidedeck

Some Notes on Using TCP 'keepalive' in Go — ‘Keepalive’ is an optional TCP feature (but one with wide support) that results in small packets being sent to ensure a connection is still alive.

Max Kamorin

Go Gets Cheaper Context Switching — The takeaway here is that Go should see a performance bump for goroutine switching.

Michael Larabel

An Illustrated Guide to SQLX“Illustrated” here means lots of examples, not cartoons or diagrams, but it’s still good. This package layers some more functionality on top of the ubiquitous database/sql.

Jason Moiron

A Visual Introduction to Concurrency and Goroutines — Now here is an actually illustrated guide to basic concurrency!

Kofo Okesola

🔧 Tools & Code

zstd: A Pure Go Zstandard CompressorZstandard is a high performance (in both compression ratios and speed) real-time compression algorithm built at Facebook.

Klaus Post

gosec 2.0: A Go Code Security Checker — Runs a series of rules over some Go code’s abstract syntax tree to spot potential issues.

Secure Go

Goodbye AWS: Rolling Your Own Servers with Kubernetes

Gravitational sponsor

Dubbo-Go: A Go Implementation for Apache DubboDubbo is a Java-based RPC framework but now Go can be used within a Dubbo-powered system as both a consumer or provider.

Apache Software Foundation

Pigo: A Pure Go Face Detection Library — Based upon an approach called Pixel Intensity Comparison-based Object (PICO) detection.

Endre Simo

CovenantSQL: An SQLite-Powered Byzantine-Fault Tolerant Distributed Relational Database — Written in Go, Covenant, also known as CQL, promotes itself as an alternative to Amazon’s Quantum Ledger Database.