#271 — July 18, 2019

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Golang Weekly

The Go Project Launches an Official Swag Store — There’s a lot of Go and gopher-themed merchandise out there, and now there’s an official store backed by the core Go team with socks, t-shirts, plushies, and more. The best part? The proceeds go to GoBridge to continue making our community a better place.

Cassandra Salisbury

The Go Team Rejects the try Error Checking Function Proposal — I guess there really is no try. Puns aside, the Go Core Team listened to a lot of feedback from the community and reacted to that feedback. That is pretty cool.

Robert Griesemer

Video for Your Go App That Streams Beautifully, Everywhere — Automatically deliver the best user experience for every combination of device, browser, location, and bandwidth with Mux's video API. Get started with a $20 credit.

Mux sponsor

The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes I’ve Seen in Go Projects — One developer’s personal list of the most common mistakes he’s seen in Go projects, including problems with benchmarking and pointers, confusion using break, slice initialization, and variable shadowing.

Teiva Harsanyi

Go Binary Sizes Are Relatively Stable — Intrigued by a binary size that appeared to grow with every new release of Go, a developer compiled the same code on 11 versions of Go to see how the resulting binary sizes varied.

Jesse Donat

💻 Jobs

Golang Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world's leading brands.


Land a New Dev Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Using fzf to Turn CLI Tools into Live REPLs — This is a clever idea. It uses the fzf ‘fuzzy finder’ and its preview feature to turn command-line tools into a mini live REPL of sorts.

Pawel Duda

ORMs and Query Building in Go — Creating a more idiomatic approach to building SQL queries in Go that doesn’t rely on chaining.

Andrew Pillar

Do You Need Golang or Kubernetes Training? — On-site corporate training. Having trained over 4,000 engineers since 2013, we've crafted classes for students to get as much as possible.

Ardan Labs sponsor

Can We Trust GitHub Stars? — Well, we can if we use Astronomer, a Go-powered tool developed to analyze the stars for a GitHub project and calculate a trust level.

Brendan Le Glaunec

Passing Callbacks and Pointers to Cgo — This post assumes some familiarity with cgo, but covers four somewhat basic interactions between Go & C.

Eli Bendersky

Concurrent Programming in Go — A case study in executing several concurrent functions and capturing errors for each without returning early.

Henry Warren

🔧 Tools & Code

Minimock: A Tool to Generate Mocks from Interface Declarations — Generates statically typed mocks and helpers and is fully integrated with the testing package.

Juno Inc.

ListMonk: A High Performance, Self-Hosted Newsletter and Mailing List Manager — It’s always great to see new entries in this space as there are so few solid options.

Kailash Nadh

OctoSQL: Join, Analyze, and Transform Data From Multiple Sources using SQL — Supported sources are CSV, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis.

Jacob Martin

📕 20 Patterns to Watch for in Engineering Teams

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resty 2.0: Simple HTTP and REST Client Library for Go2.0 has just dropped with a request/response tracer and the ability to use a chosen local interface/IP address for requests.

Jeevanandam M.

Dynamo: An Expressive DynamoDB Library — I’ve recently been learning how to use Amazon DynamoDB (a highly scalable document database on AWS) and really like its approach (this is a fantastic intro if you’re unfamiliar).

Gregory Roseberry

TableFlip: Graceful Process Restarts in Go


BitVector: Static Bit Vector Structures for Go

Teiva Harsanyi

MongoDB Go Driver Updated to Version 1.0.4 — Focused principally on bug fixes, particularly around error handling.

MongoDB, Inc.