#​366 — June 11, 2021

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Go Weekly

▶  Using Go in Unusual Ways — Talking with three developers who use Go in ‘unusual’ ways, including looking for malware, creating art, and working on quantum-resistant cryptography algorithms. A fun one!

Changelog podcast

Go 1.17 Beta 1 Released — The final version is a couple of months away but you can play now. The draft release notes give an idea of the (admittedly slight) enhancements – check out 'lazy module loading' for sure. As always, the Go core team is keen for you to get testing and to report any issues found.

Dmitri Shuralyov

The Ultimate Guide to Going from Zero to 100 Deploys a Day — How did elite software teams deploying many times a day get to where they are? In this practical guide, we'll show you how to replicate their Continuous Delivery journey in 3 phases: one deploy a week, one deploy a day, and 100 deploys a day.

Sleuth sponsor

gopls v0.7.0 Released — gopls is the Go language server that makes your IDE experience somewhat more pleasant. The headline feature for 0.7.0 is postfix completions which can save you time by inserting commonly written code for various features.

Go Team

CodePerfect 95: A New IDE for Go Developers — A retro named IDE for Go written in C++ and using Dear Imgui under the hood for performance (which is stressed as its biggest selling point). The reaction to this on Hacker News was rather lukewarm, particularly as there is a monthly fee to use it, but we wanted to show our support for any innovation in this area.

CodePerfect Team

REST Servers in Go: Part 7 - GraphQL — I think Eli is working towards an entire book with this fantastic series which, this week, looks at something typically not associated with REST APIs.. GraphQL!

Eli Bendersky

Build a Tray/GUI Desktop Application in Go 1.16Fyne is a great choice in the Go desktop app space, but the author needed to create a tray based app so ended up going with Lorca, a library for creating HTML-driven desktop apps with Go.

Grant Moore

▶  Tracing Go with eBPF — From the Berlin Go Developers Group meetup, Florian demonstrates “how eBPF enables introspection abilities to both the Go application and the underlying system side”.

Florian Lehner

Visualize the Health and Performance of Your Golang Apps with Datadog — Trace requests across service boundaries and optimize bottlenecks by drilling into individual traces end-to-end. Try Datadog APM free.

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How to Use go:embed in Go 1.16 — Ready to try that new embed functionality? If you use GoLand, it just got way more convenient.

The GoLand Blog

rqlite 6.0: The Evolution of a Distributed Database Design — rqlite is an database system that uses SQLite under the hood. This announcement focuses on a new leader-finding approach for nodes and the options considered for the problem.

Philip O'Toole

🛠 Code & Tools

ConnPool: A Connection Pool for the net.Conn Interface — A thread safe connection pool for managing and reusing connections.

Burak Sezer

Geziyor: A Fast Web Crawling and Scraping Framework for Go — Boasts being able to crawl at over 5000 requests per second and offers JavaScript rendering, caching, concurrency limits, and other niceties.

Musab Gültekin

go-hashlru: Simple Thread-Safe, Fixed Size LRU — LRU being a Least Recently Used cache. This implementation is based around Dominic Tarr’s JavaScript approach.

Saurabh Pujari

Automate Code Standard Enforcement with Lightweight Static Analysis

Semgrep sponsor

XLSX: A Library for Reading and Writing XLSX (Excel) Files — Got spreadsheets? Want to make spreadsheets?

Geoffrey J. Teale

Worldwide: A GameBoy Color Emulator Written in Go — Claims to ‘play almost all ROMs without problems’ – it certainly worked with Tetris.


Dbmate: A Lightweight, Framework-Agnostic Database Migration Tool — Written in Go but can be used alongside database-using apps written in any language. Supports MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and ClickHouse.

Adrian Macneil

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