#​386 — November 5, 2021

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Go Weekly

4 Great Talks from Google's Go Day 2021 — It took place just yesterday but you can register to watch the talks (which are all reasonably short and ideal for lunch breaks!) on demand now.. or you can use our links direct to the YouTube versions ;-)

Google Open Source Live

Carotid Artillery: A Twin-Stick Shooter Game Built with Ebiten — We often cheerlead for the Ebiten 2D game development library, but it’s great to see a new, practical example – and open source too! The game is downloadable for Windows and Linux but you can play it in your browser too.

Trevor Slocum

Shortcut Is Project Management Without the Management — Whether you're a startup that iterates quickly by giving engineers a free pallet of Red Bull, or a large org that has strict ship dates to hit, Shortcut is the ideal solution for task management, bug tracking, iteration planning, and reporting.

Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse.io) sponsor

net/http.ServeMux and Trailing Slashes — Sometimes the silliest of problems can take the longest to debug. We’ve all got a story like this to tell, I’m sure.

Christine Dodrill

Go 1.17.3 and Go 1.16.10 Released — Two point releases for the active Go branches that include two security fixes around panic issues with archive/zip and debug/macho.

Than and Dimitri (Go Team)

Building an AWS Lambda Hosted Twitter Meme Bot in Go — A fun one! The ideas presented here power @LassoPepTalkBot – a Ted Lasso themed Twitter bot. Believe.

John E. Jones IV

A Basic Way of Working with Geographic Information in Go — In just some lines of Go and with an HTML template, you can load a CSV, parse locations from it, and generate an interactive map – without using lots of fancier GIS tools.

Miki Tebeka

▶  Discussing Go's Annual Developer Survey — Last week we encouraged you to take the latest Go developer survey (and if you haven’t taken it yet, check it out!) and now Alice Merrick and Todd Kulesza have joined the Go Time podcast to discuss why the survey is done and how it works.

Go Time Podcast podcast

Functional Options are Named Args on Overdrive — This is a nice take on Go’s way of matching a feature from Ruby, Python, et al. with some extra benefits compared to those languages.


Benchmaking a Go-Powered SQL Engine Against MySQL — TPC-C is a database benchmarking standard/approach and is used here to compare the Go-powered, git-esque Dolt database system with MySQL.

Zach Musgrave


Enjoy Building Scalable Infrastructure in Go? Stream Is Hiring — Like coding in Go? We do too. Stream is hiring in Amsterdam. Apply now.

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🛠 Code & Tools

A Tool to Visualize Graphs of Embedded Structs in Go Projects — A tool that scans a directory of Go source and creates visualizations of structs used in the project.

David Schlachter

structslop: A Static Analyzer That Recommends Struct Field Rearrangements — In order to get the best efficiency when it comes to space used.


valast: Convert Go Values to Their AST“you may think of it as a more comprehensive and configurable version of the fmt package’s %+v and %#v formatting directives.”


Buy, Connect, and Operate Domains from Your Go App, 👀 Free Transfer

DNSimple sponsor

u-root: A Suite of Unix Tools in a Single Go Binary — Imagine a Go-powered equivalent of Busybox where you can get a root file system in a single binary. u-root packs in versions of a variety of basic tools including cp, dd, echo, and find. GitHub repo.


Depp: Check npm Modules for Unused and Duplicate Dependencies Fast — A new Go-powered tool you run from your JavaScript/TypeScript project’s folder to look for unused dependencies.

Rahul Tarak