#​388 — November 19, 2021

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Go Weekly

📊  Developing Games in Go for the Nintendo Switch — A slide deck from the creator of Ebiten on his background and his technical approach to getting a Go-powered game running on the Nintendo Switch. (The UI isn’t obvious, but you can change slides.)

Hajime Hoshi slidedeck

▶  'Hacking' with Go — This week the Go Time podcast tackles the use of Go in hacking (in the security sense of the word) by way of two security researchers who are familiar with the use of Go in malware, reverse engineering, and more.

Go Time Podcast podcast

Security Where Code Happens — Bridgecrew delivers developer-first security automation from commit to cloud. Proactively secure your cloud infrastructure with the all-in-one DevSecOps platform.

Bridgecrew sponsor

Debugging a Weird 'File Not Found' Error — This is the kind of error that can drive a person to distraction, unless they apply techniques like Julia and figure out how an existing file doesn’t exist to the computer due to problems sharing a Go executable between platforms.

Julia Evans

GoReleaser v1.0.0: A Tool for Releasing Go Binaries — Builds Go binaries for multiple platforms, hooks into CI as needed, creates a GitHub release, and more. GitHub repo.

Carlos Becker



Senior Software Engineer (Go) - 100% Remote, UK/EU Only — Solve complex technical challenges using the latest, cloud-native technologies to help Banks and FinTechs move money faster.

Golang Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.

Find a Job Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

Web Scraping with Go — How to use Colly, a popular web scraping library, to scrape the Wikipedia page on Web Scraping (very meta).

Subha Chanda

Implementing Graceful Shutdown in Go — Who knew shutting down gracefully can be so complex? Leonidas knew (and know) and runs through some anti-patterns and many use cases of how to shut down properly.

Leonidas Vrachnis (RudderStack)

Raspberry Pi GPIO in Go and C — Have a bit of LED fun with Go. If you like a bit of hardware fiddling, you’ll like this.

Rich Youngkin

Writing zsh Completions for CLIs with Subcommands — For when you’re not using a framework like Cobra that includes autocomplete functionality.

Zach Musgrave (Dolt)

🛠 Code & Tools

Tetra3D: A 3D Software Renderer Written in Go and Ebiten — The makers of Tetra3D admit that it’s slow, buggy, and (to their delight) janky. But, they are excited to see what people build with it. It has a very retro 90s 3D look/feel that I like.


Caffeine: A Basic REST Service for JSON Data (for Prototyping) — Quickly get a JSON RESTful service up without having to set up a database. You can also provide a JSON schema to enable validation.

Rehacktive Labs

Avo 0.4: Better x86 Assembly Generation from Go — Avo makes assembly easier to write by using Go control structures and virtual registers, with values handled for you. The basic adding two numbers example shows off how it works in a simple way. This week’s release adds AVX-512 support.

Michael McLoughlin

Build Video for Your Go App That Just Work

Mux sponsor

Ergo 2.8: A Modern IRC Server/ircd — Formerly known as Oragono (and first linked by us 5 years ago!) this is a Go-powered IRCv3-compatible chat server.

Lingamneni, Oaks, Huber, Latt, et al.

Ddosify 0.6: A High-Performance HTTP Load Testing Tool — Not sure about the name(!) but this is a highly configurable, Go-powered CLI HTTP load testing tool that allows the specification of HTTP verb, test length, request count, payload, and more. Please use responsibly and only on allowed systems.


Limiter: Very Simple Rate Limiting Middleware — Use as middleware with http, Gin, or FastHTTP. Uses Redis (optionally).


HybridCache: Multi-Level Cache Library with Stampede Prevention
Adrian Shum

Pet: A Simple Command-Line Snippet Manager
Teppei Fukuda