#​429 — September 23, 2022

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The Go Weekly Newsletter

Wails v2: Build Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Go — A big step forward for a project that has shown a lot of promise in recent years. Wails is an Electron-a-like for Go for building cross-platform desktop apps using Go as the base language and JavaScript on the front (and, yes, JS can call your Go functions). v2 introduces a lot of improvements:

  • Svelte, Vue, (P)React, Lit and vanilla JS templates.
  • Native window translucency effects.
  • NSIS installer generation for Windows.
  • Code obfuscation and binary compression support.
  • No extra libraries or DLLs to ship.

Lea Anthony

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▶  The GopherCon UK 2022 Videos — GopherCon UK took place just last month and now there are lots of videos to go through (28 to be precise). We’re going to watch and feature a bunch over the coming weeks, but why not start with Liz Rice’s introduction to ▶️ eBPF superpowers for Go programmers?

GopherCon UK on YouTube

Test Scripts in Go“Wouldn’t it be great if we could write Go CLI tests almost like shell scripts?” Enter testscript. You write simple test scripts (hence the name!) and these are run against the Go app of your choice. John gives us a thorough introduction here.

John Arundel

📗 John has also told us his book The Power of Go: Tests is now available – code TESTS-GW will get you a nice discount. (Note: We have no financial or sponsorship connection with John.)

▶  Engineering Interview Tips and Tricks — Looking for a new job opportunity? Join Emma Draper, Jonas, Natalie Pistunovich, and Angelica Hill for an hour and brush up on a variety of tips, tricks and gotchas around the interviewing process from both sides of the table.

The Go Time Podcast podcast

35 Million Hot Dogs: Benchmarking Caddy vs. Nginx — The older I get, the less sure I am sure that it’s possible to publish a set of benchmark results that don’t attract a lot of disagreement and discussion, but Tyler has been very thorough here in comparing the Go-powered Caddy HTTP server against the incumbent Nginx. In short, they’re both fantastic but have various tradeoffs.

Tyler Langlois

How To Create a Private Go Module With Docker
Marvin Collins

🛠 Code & Tools

fgtrace: An Experimental Goroutine Profiler/Tracer — If you want a Chrome profile-esque view of the timelines of what your goroutines are up to, this is for you. All you need to do in your code is add a couple of lines, and you’re set. The data can then be opened in something like Perfetto.

Felix Geisendörfer

Build Real Time Chat Messaging with Stream

Stream sponsor

NATS 2.9: The CNCF-Incubated Cloud Native Messaging System — You could play Buzzword Bingo™ on NATS’ homepage, but under the hood it’s a powerful, self-healing, Go-powered, scalable messaging engine you can use to connect all sorts of things together. ▶️ This video provides a gentle introduction. v2.9 brings some big steps forward with regard to delivery guarantees, streaming, and durability.


WunderBase: A Serverless GraphQL Database on Top of SQLite — A new, open source, serverless database providing a GraphQL API on top of SQLite, Firecracker (by way of fly.io) and Prisma. It sleeps when you don’t use it and spins up in under a second. It’s no universal solution, but presents some promising ideas I’m sure we’ll see elsewhere soon.



  • Ginkgo 2.2
    ↳ Modern testing framework.

  • scc 3.1
    ↳ Fast code counter with complexity calculations.

  • mo 1.5
    ↳ Generics-based monads and FP abstractions.

  • jqp 0.1
    ↳ A TUI playground to experiment with jq

  • mpb 8.1
    ↳ Multi progress bar for CLI apps.


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