#​485 — November 21, 2023

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Go Weekly

River: A Fast, Robust Job Queue for Go + Postgres — A new beta, open-source job queue “for building fast, airtight applications” that’s written in Go and takes advantage of generics. It also uses pgx to interface with Postgres. This post does a great job of selling River's benefits.

Brandur Leach

NilAway: Practical Nil Panic Detection — Nil panics are a common and hard-to-detect issue in Go, but Uber has created a static analysis tool (based on a similar tool in the Java world) that’s easy to setup and integrate with build tools, so there are.. nil reasons why you shouldn’t try it immediately 😅 (Folks report that the tool can return false positives, so be alert.)


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Google's Go Style Guide for Readable Code — What goes for Google doesn’t necessarily go for everyone else, but it remains interesting to see their take on writing idiomatic Go. This comprehensive resource isn’t meant to be absolute but aims toward a ‘Go code style’ to help new and current Go developers at Google avoid common pitfalls and maintain consistency in codebases.


12 Personal Go Tricks That Transformed My Productivity — A fun grab bag of ideas, though if you’re working with others, 6 and 9 might not go down so well and are best avoided – we'll leave it as a reader exercise to figure out why.

Phuong Le


Retrieval Augmented Generation in Go — Training your own LLMs (large language models) has challenges around the staleness of data and cost, but what if you could push the LLM toward more real-time answers without retraining by fetching in external data on demand? That’s what so-called ‘RAG’ does. Simon Vellei also shows off how to do this with Redis.

Eli Bendersky

Crafting a Lightweight Markdown EditorWails brings an Electron-esque cross-platform desktop app building approach to Go and so if you don’t like Electron (or other desktop frameworks) and do like Go, Wails may be the way to.. Go 😅

Ersin Buckley

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🛠 Code & Tools

Ants 2.9: A High-Perf Fixed Capacity Goroutine Pool — If your program is designed to generate a large number of goroutines, Ants can automatically manage and recycle them within limits.

Andy Pan

Telebot 3.2: A Telegram Bot Framework — Promises a ‘best of its kind’ API for working with bot command routing, inline query requests, callbacks, and more. The docs have plenty of simple examples. v3.2 includes updates for new Telegram bot features in Bot API 6.3-6.5.

Various Contributors

Ergo 2.12: A Modern IRC Server/ircd — Formerly known as Oragono (and first linked by us 7 years ago!) this is a Go-powered IRCv3-compatible chat server and still getting updates to keep up with the IRCv3 specification process.

Lingamneni, Oaks, Huber, Latt, et al.