#​488 — December 12, 2023

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🎄 We're prepping our annual roundup issue for next week, just before we take our Christmas break, so keep an eye out for it next Tuesday :-)
Your editor, Peter Cooper

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Go Weekly

The Latest Go Developer Survey Results — The official Go survey now takes place twice each year and four thousand of you took the latest one (2023 H2). No shocks, but there were some takeaways, particularly for the Go team themselves:

  • Linux and macOS are by far the most commonly used OSes.
  • The Go team feels the results largely validate the work they've been doing on the gonew project templating approach.
  • VS Code is the most popular IDE, but GoLand is close behind.
  • Most Go developers are keen to adopt AI to help them build software and to write tests, in particular, but less keen for it write code in full.
  • 21% of developers currently maintain an open source Go module.

Todd Kulesza

🎧 Prefer to hear a discussion of the results? ▶️ Cup o’ Go's latest episode tackled it.

Go! Experts at Your Service — Do you need help filling skill gaps, speeding up development & creating high performing software with Go, Docker, K8s, Terraform and Rust? We’ll help you maximize your architecture, structure, tech-debt and human capital.

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CGo-Less SQLite Package Reaches 1.0 Milestone — The culmination of three years of work, Ross has announced his CGo-less SQLite library, produced by way of automatically translating the original C into Go, is stable. Time to get playing. GitHub repo.

Ross Light

🚨 In other releases, Go 1.21.5 and 1.20.12 were released, mostly to make three security fixes available.

Go Recipes: Handy Commands to Run in Go Projects — Since we first linked this handy resource a few years ago, it has grown even larger and is packed with loads of recipes (179, to be precise) covering areas like testing, benchmarks, security, static analysis, code generation, PR advice, and much more.

Nikolay Dubina

Introducing GoLand 2023.3, the IDE for Gophers — Now with AI Assistant, Dev Containers support, and multiple hints, refactorings, and quick-fixes to boost productivity!

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🤖 We were going to mention GoLand 2023.3 editorially, but since they beat us to it, we'll shine a light on GoLand's new ▶️ automated test generation and execution functionality instead.

'Sign in with GitHub' in Go — A thorough and straightforward introduction to three ways to use OAuth and GitHub’s OAuth provider from Go to get a ‘Sign in with GitHub’ feature in your own app.

Eli Bendersky

▶  Why We Switched From SvelteKit to Go + HTMX — This is more about using the templ HTML templating framework, giving you true server-side rendering and simplifying creating websites using Go.

Anthony GG

🛠 Code & Tools

FrankenPHP v1.0: The PHP Application Server — PHP news in Go Weekly? FrankenPHP is a pretty fantastic PHP app server that’s written in Go and uses Caddy behind the scenes too. It can also be used as a Go library to embed HTTP-accessible PHP into Go apps. GitHub repo.

Paul Redmond

🐍  Pygolo 0.2.0: Embed or Extend Python with Go — It works both ways. Your Go app can run its own private Python runtime side by side, in the same process, and accesses it as needed, like this. Alternatively, you can write components in Go that are then loaded into Python. Either way: Python and Go are getting along.

Domenico Andreoli

📰 Classifieds

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👉 Free Temporal 101 & 102 Courses in Go: Learn Temporal's open source key concepts and best practices with our self-paced training in Go.

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pdfcpu 0.6: PDF Processing in Go — A PDF processing library and CLI. v0.6 adds some new features including basic PDF 2.0 support and some new page layout commands. Project homepage.

pdfcpu Contributors

 Microwave: A Very Simple Signal Generator — The author built it to help in teaching an electronics course due to the lack of a typical stand alone signal generator.

Nikola Ubavić