#​501 — March 26, 2024

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Go Weekly

Learning Go in 2024; From Beginner to Senior — Go learning resources are plentiful and cover the gamut of media from text, to video, to podcasts, and all skill levels from beginner to expert. Here, Matt brings together six years of bookmarks (and YouTube history) to point to something for everyone.

Matt Boyle

A Visual Guide to Slices — A code and diagram-rich post looking at how slices work under the hood, covering slice creation, manipulation using make and append, how capacity grows, and slicing syntax for creating new slices from existing ones.

Ozan Sazak

Go! Unlock Your Tech Potential with Ardan Labs Consulting — Struggling with skill gaps, development speed or complex tech challenges? Ardan Labs specializes in Go, Rust, Docker and K8s to accelerate your software development, optimize architecture, and manage tech debt. Let us supercharge your team!

Ardan Labs Consulting sponsor

The Case of a Leaky Goroutine — After finding “a never-ending goroutine factory” causing problems in an app, Wouter shares his findings so you can avoid a similar fate.

Wouter Groeneveld


'Go Enums Still Suck' — The tone of the title or the article might not vibe with you, but the author reflects on feedback to his first article about Go ‘enums’ and considers the discussion productive.

Steve McCutcheon

Control ZigBee LED Lights from a Go App — To be fair, the Go app is mostly sending MQTT messages and serving up an HTML page, but it could be a quick, fun weekend project for you.

Thomas Derflinger

Go Generics Improvements for Maps and Slices“Go life was good, and it’s getting better.”

Henry Prêcheur

One Approach to 'Blazing Fast' Go Docker Builds
Abhinav Sonkar

🛠 Code & Tools

asciigraph 0.6: ASCII Line Graph Rendering Library — A long standing library for rendering basic line graphs in ASCII text (such as ideal for the terminal), all with no dependencies. v0.6 adds support for adding a legend for colored charts.

Rohit Gupta

Charcoal: Faster utf8.Valid Using Multibyte Processing Without SIMD — Offers the same API as the standard library version but boasts being up to 50% faster at checking if a text is made up of valid UTF-8 runes.

Sugawara Yuuta

Securing a Golang App with OAuth — This tutorial will show you how to use OAuth to authenticate users in a Golang application.

FusionAuth sponsor

Log 0.4: A Colorful Go Logging Library — A library from the same folks who brought us Bubble Tea and Gum that provides “customizable colorful human readable logging with batteries included.” v0.4 now lets you style custom log levels to your liking.


go-toml 2.2: Go Library for the TOML FormatTOML is a configuration file format invented by one of GitHub’s founders (Tom Preston-Werner, as it happens). Here’s what it looks like. (How fantastic is it that this Go library is also written by a Tom/Thomas!)

Thomas Pelletier

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🕹 And one for fun..

A Basic 3D Raycasting Engine atop EbitengineEbitengine is a 2D game engine, but as games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom proved in the 90s, raycasting provides a (relatively) simple way to render 3D environments using simple 2D primitives. ▶️ Example video.

Eric H