#​514 — July 9, 2024

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Go Weekly

Locally Patching Dependencies in Go — When you want to temporarily modify the code of a dependency (say, with a log statement or small change), go mod makes it super simple. There are also some tools and other approaches to consider.

Eli Bendersky

Using Go to Send 500 Million HTTP Requests to 2.5 Million Hosts — Dawid leant on Go’s powerful concurrency features to speed up the mammoth task of sending 500 million HTTP requests quickly, but had to poke around a little to do it. As ever, use this knowledge for good, not evil :-)

Dawid Moczadło

Build Go Apps That Scale on AWS — Learn how to build and deploy scalable applications to AWS using Go. This detailed video course will cover AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, JSON Web Tokens, and more.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Using Profile-Guided Optimization (PGO) for Go Apps — We’ve featured many case studies of the improvements teams have seen when using PGO recently – here’s Google’s high level take on getting started yourself before you dig into the docs.

Cameron Balahan and James Ma


📄 Resetting Timers in Go“If you use Timer.Reset() in Go 1.22 or earlier, you may be doing it wrong.” Anton Zhiyanov

📄 Compile Go Directly to WebAssembly Components with TinyGo and WASI P2 Eric Gregory (wasmCloud)

📄 Error Handling in Go Web Apps Shouldn't Be So Awkward – A useful error handling pattern for REST, gRPC, and other services. Jonathan Hall

📄 Know When to Break Up with Go's http.DefaultClient Vishnu Bharathi

📄 Automating Image Metadata Extraction with AWS Lambda, Go, and Postgres Hüseyin BABAL

📄 Contextualizing the Go Context API: Program Scopes Matt T. Proud

📄 How to Implement OAuth 2.0 into a Go App Permify

📰 Classifieds

Want to kill meetings? We’re looking for software engineering leaders to join the beta for a product aiming to do just that. Apply here.

🛠 Code & Tools

Giu 0.8: A Dear ImGui-Based Cross Platform GUI Framework — Another way to create GUI apps in Go. Dear ImGui is an interesting GUI library (for C++) that generates UIs aimed at power users in particular.

Allen Dang

CxGo: A Tool for Transpiling C to Go — There’s an online demo if you want to see a basic example of what goes in and comes out.

Go Transpile

Stop Worrying About Your Auth. Let FusionAuth Handle It — Flexible deployment. Advanced features like MFA, SSO, and more. Check out the Go SDK.

FusionAuth sponsor

💡 OpenHue Go: Interact with Philips Hue Smart Lighting — Philips’ range of Hue smart lights are pretty neat (I’ve had a few!) and if, for some reason, you’d like to fiddle with your lights from Go code, now there’s a way.

OpenHue Project

Joker 1.4: A Small Interpreted Dialect of Clojure Written in Go — A small interpreter, linter and formatter for the popular Lisp dialect. GitHub repo.

Roman Bataev

Ergo 2.14: A Modern IRC Server/ircd — Formerly known as Oragono, this is a Go-powered IRCv3-compatible chat server that continues to get frequent upgrades as a very mature project.

Lingamneni, Oaks, Huber, Latt, et al.

CoreDNS: A DNS and Service Discovery Server — A DNS server built in Go that supports a variety of plugins, is a CNCF graduated project, and can integrate with Kubernetes and numerous cloud providers, should you need it.

CoreDNS Authors

OmniParser: A Go-Powered ETL System — Ingest CSV, XML, JSON, EDIFACT, X12, and more, in a streaming fashion, and transform it into JSON based upon a schema itself written in JSON.

JF Technology

  • gocron 2.8 – Run Go functions at pre-determined intervals.

  • Go Micro 5.3 – Popular Go microservices framework.

  • River 0.9 – Fast and reliable background jobs in Go.

  • go-arg 1.5 – Struct-based argument parsing.