#​516 — July 23, 2024

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Go Weekly

Interactive Release Notes for Go 1.23 — If you find traditional release notes hard going, this interactive alternative with inline executable code snippets might help you get a grip on some of 1.23's changes before the final release next month.

Anton Zhiyanov

💡 While we're on the topic.. Go 1.23 Release Candidate 2 has been released.

First Impressions of Go 1.23's Range-over-Func Feature — When the author read Go’s newest iteration proposal, he felt a bit intimidated, but decided to kick the tires and share his experiences. Now? He loves it!

Jonathan Hall

Run GitHub Actions Up to 2x Faster at Half the Cost — Blacksmith runs your GitHub Actions substantially faster by running them on modern gaming CPUs. Integrating Blacksmith is a one-line code change. 100+ companies like GitBook, Superblocks, and Slope use Blacksmith to help developers merge code faster.

Blacksmith sponsor

Hash-Based Bisect Debugging in Compilers and Runtimes — If you’ve ever had to debug a large set of changes as part of an unfamiliar code base, this approach may feel like magic, so much so that Russ and others have created a CLI (bisect) to make the task easier. The explanation of using binary search, git bisect, and the bisect CLI here are very informative.

Russ Cox

 How I Build Simple Mac Apps using Go — The creator of DarwinKit, a set of native Apple APIs for Go, shows off how he uses it to create basic Mac apps.

Jeff Lindsay

Live Website Updates with Go, SSE, and HTMX — Showing real-time updates on a site may steer you toward WebSockets, but going the SSE (Server-Sent Events) route with HTMX provides a solid and simpler experience.

Miłosz Smółka

Safeguarding Changes using the Plan-Execute Pattern — A pattern used by tools like Terraform where a preview of changes is shown before applying them. Tom creates a simple example of importing data into a database while highlighting new, changed, and removed entities.

Tom Nick

📄 gRPC Over HTTP/3 – Complete with practical examples in Go. Kevin McDonald

📄 Calling Go Functions from C++ Matteo / xnacly

🛠 Code & Tools

Notify 1.0: Send Notifications to Various Messaging Services — Supports about thirty different services including Discord, AWS SES and SNS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Telegram.

Niko Köser

Boost Your Go App Security with FusionAuth: Try Our Example SDKs — Explore real-world example apps to integrate secure user management into your Go projects.

FusionAuth sponsor

🔒 govulncheck 1.1: Find Vulnerable Dependencies in Your Go Code — Govulncheck uses static analysis on your code, along with the Go Vulnerability Database, to report relevant known vulnerabilities to you. There’s an official tutorial on how to use it too.

Julie Qiu (Go Security Team)

LinDB: A Go-Powered Time Series Database System — Joining a long line of Go-powered database systems comes LinDB, a new performance and availability-focused time-series database that can be accessed via a REST API. GitHub repo.

Lin Labs Inc.

Kratos 2.8: A Go Framework for Cloud-Based Microservices — A “microservice-oriented governance framework” built around HTTP/gRPC.