#210 — May 10, 2018

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Golang Weekly

▶  Go with Versions — At GopherCon Singapore, core team member Russ Cox talked about vgo and the ideas and tooling around bringing package versioning to Go. (We recently erroneously claimed the vgo proposal had been marked as accepted, though in reality it’s merely ready to be accepted.)

Russ Cox

How I Write Go HTTP Services After Seven Years — A veteran Go developer shares his expertise and preferences. As you might imagine, the approach is simple and geared toward testability and maintainability.

Mat Ryer

eBook: How to Refactor a Monolithic Codebase Over Time — Learn how to refactor your monolith, the main questions you should ask yourself when refactoring a monolith, and the key principles to cleaning up a complex codebase.

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go-sdl2 0.3: SDL2 Bindings for Go — SDL2 is a cross-platform library that makes it easy to work with ‘multimedia hardware’ such as video, audio, and input devices. Example code.

Ve and Co

Building a Mobile Frontend for a Go App with Flutter — You can use gomobile to generate bindings and call Go code from iOS and Android Flutter apps once you understand some of the gotchas.

Renato Athaydes

Canvas: Use the HTML5 Canvas API to Draw from Go — An OpenGL and SDL-powered library that lets you produce graphics in a similar style to that with the HTML5 Canvas API but with no Web views needed. A work in progress.

Thomas Friedel

Debugging Latency in Go 1.11 — Go 1.11 will add some new features that make distributed tracing a bit easier and, in some cases, automatic.


How Twilio Improves 'Mean Time To Discovery'

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▶  Understanding Running Go Programs through Profiling

Hana Kim

💻 Jobs

Site Reliability / Operations Engineer (f/m) — With our unique distributed systems and a high uptime requirement, we offer an exciting technical environment to work in.


Go Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Top companies use Vettery to find the best tech talent. Create your profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials

Protecting API Access with JWT — A Go example of using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for API authentication.

Tit Petric

Reflection in Go Made Simple — Reflection allows you to inspect variables and values at runtime and Go’s reflect package provides the tools.

Naveen Ramanathan

Deploy a Swarm Cluster with Alexa using Serverless Go Functions

Mohamed Labouardy

2-Day Training Workshops in San Jose June 11-12

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Rolling a Basic Go Microservice with MongoDB and Docker Multi-Stage Builds

Melvin Vivas

Getting Started with GridDB’s Go ClientGridDB is an in-memory NoSQL database for IoT.

Joshua Pascascio

🔧 Tools & Code

Detecting Licenses in Code with Go and Fuzzy Matching — Detecting the license of open source projects is harder than you’d think, so source{d} created go-license-detector.

Vadim Markovtsev

Kubeless Now Supports Go Functions — Kubeless is a Kubernetes-native serverless framework.

Andres Martinez

DigitalOcean’s High-Performance Platform—Without the Billing Surprises — Build better web apps faster with industry leading price-performance and predictable costs from DigitalOcean.

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Bow: Minimal Embedded Database Powered by BadgerDB — If an external database is overkill for your project, Bow may be a good fit.

Moshe Revah

jackal: An XMPP Server Written in Go

Miguel Ángel Ortuño

Onelog: A Simple, Fast, Zero Allocation Logger

Francois Parquet

recaptcha: Go Wrapper for Google reCAPTCHA

Roman Budnikov

SlackArchive: An Archival Tool for Slack Teams

Remco Verhoef and Kaspars Sprogis