#211 — May 17, 2018

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Golang Weekly

Colly 1.0: A Go Web Scraping Framework — We’ve linked Colly a few times recently but now it’s at 1.0. If you want to write a Web spider/crawler/data extractor, it’s the way to go. GitHub repo and a handy tutorial.


DataViz: Data Structure Visualization for Gophers — A neat library to let you play around with a variety of common data structures and see a Graphviz-powered visualization of them.

Arafat Khan

An Expert Support Team Provides Benefits Beyond Problem Resolution — Percona Product Marketing Manager, Rick Golba discusses some of the ways that a support contract can help your organization. Beyond basic conflict resolution, enterprise level support enables your team to focus on issues beyond the database and help you to generate more revenue.

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Go Now 3rd Most Popular Programming Language in Hacker News's Hiring Trends — A site that tracks the popularity of different technologies in Hacker News’s popular monthly hiring posts notes Go is now only just behind Python and JavaScript.

Hacker News Trends

An Analysis of vgo — A long post on the good and bad of vgo promising to be the first of a multi-post series discussing dependency management in depth. On Hacker News, Patrick Walton noted: “vgo’s attempt to avoid NP-completeness in the dependency resolution algorithm is solving a problem that doesn’t matter in practice, and is simultaneously creating downsides that do matter in practice.”

Sam Boyer

▶  Plotting Data with gonum/plot — Francesc kicks off a series of videos on ‘machine learning for Gophers’ by showing how to plot data from Go code.

Francesc Campoy

Dependency Injection in Go — Classic dependency injection isn’t commonly promoted in the Go world, but maybe it should be and Uber’s dig framework could help. Whether or not containers are needed or fit into idiomatic Go code, however, is a controversial point.

Drew Olson

A Step-by-Step Guide to Go Internationalization — Learn how to internationalize and localize Go applications using the robust golang.com/x/text package.

Theo Despoudis (PhraseApp)

💻 Jobs

Sr. Software Developer at CrowdStrike (Multiple Locations) — CrowdStrike stops hackers using a massive micro services architecture written in golang.


Go Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Top companies use Vettery to find the best tech talent. Create your profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials

How to Start A Go Project in 2018 — From installation to OS-specific code to using Docker.

Ben E. C. Boyter

Storing Go Structs in Redis using ReJSON

Nitish Malhotra

Building Go Applications with BazelBazel is a cross-language build system designed for consistent, reproducible builds.

Brendan Ryan

The Future of Operations: 6 Shifts Worth Noting — When we look at our customers leading the pack in software innovation, we’ve seen these six patterns.

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What Are 'Byte Slices' and 'Rune Slices' in Go?


Transcribing Japanese using Go and Machine Learning APIs — Uses Google’s Speech-to-Text API. クール!(Cool!)

Eno Compton

🔧 Tools & Code

The Top 1000 Go GitHub Repositories Sorted by Stars — It really is just a list, but fun to skim as you’re bound to spot things you’ve never seen before.


Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo

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Remark: A Self-Hosted Lightweight Comment Engine — Can import comments from Disqus if you want to move off it. Live demo.


RadonDB: A MySQL-Compatible Fully Distributed Cloud Database — A new cloud-native database supporting distributed transactions and automatic table sharding. Yep, it’s written in Go.


go-mysql-elasticsearch: Sync MySQL Data into Elasticsearch

Liu Tang

pb: A Simple Progress Bar for Console Programs

Sergey Cherepanov

http2fcgi: A Quick, Tiny HTTP to FastCGI Reverse Proxy

Mohammed Al Ashaal

Caddy 0.11: The Fast, Cross-Platform HTTP/2 Web Server — This release adds a telemetry client to get realtime info from the server.

Matt Holt

➡ Better Way to Debug Production Issues

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Micro: A Terminal-Based Text Editor — A nano-like pure Go terminal-based text editor.

Zachary Yedidia