#217 — June 28, 2018

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Golang Weekly

asciigraph: Make Lightweight ASCII Line Graphs — There’s just something really neat about the output from this package. It also includes a command line utility if you want to use it from there.

Rohit Gupta

Web Assembly and Go: A Look to The Future — Initial support for Go to compile to WebAssembly, a new executable format that can be run in Web browsers, has begun to appear in Go. Could it provide a way for Go developers to write ‘native’ front-end code? Here’s an experiment.

Brian Ketelsen

How Twilio Improves 'Mean Time To Discovery' with Rollbar — "The worst thing that can happen is a customer writes in to the support team to say something is broken... If my 'Mean Time To Discovery' is based on a customer support ticket, I’ve failed." Learn more how Twilio uses Rollbar.

ROLLBAR sponsor

Go 1.11 Beta 1 Released — The beta does not have vgo (yet - it’s coming in beta 2) but does have WebAssembly output support. Draft release notes here. There’s also a slidedeck digging into Go 1.11’s optimizations if you’re keen.

Andrew Bonventre

Periph: A Library for I/O with Peripherals and Boards — Think of it as a ‘lower level layer than Gobot’. A heavily refactored version 3 is now out with numerous breaking changes

Marc-Antoine Ruel

From Java to Go, and Back Again — A Java developer cynical about Go decided to dig into what actually makes Go great and concluded that Go is very easy to read and understand but, in his opinion, lacks some freedom for personal expression.

Dominic Fox

💻 Jobs

Software Engineers at JumpCloud (Boulder, CO) — JumpCloud is solving complex problems around authentication, security and cloud scaling.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery matches top tech talent with fast-growing companies. Take a few minutes to join our platform.


📘 Tutorials

Rendering a Triangle with Apple's Metal API Using Go — OpenGL is being deprecated in macOS and the way forward is Apple’s Metal API.

Dmitri Shuralyov

Monitoring, Alerting, and Distributed Tracing for Go Apps — Get full-stack monitoring for your Go apps, logs, and 200+ infrastructure integrations. Try Datadog free.

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Testing in Go: Testing Floating Point Numbers

Julia Ferraioli

How to Access Deeply Nested JSON Data using Go

Saddam H

How I Structure Production Grade REST APIs in Go — The initial post in the series, it focuses on application structure and routing.

Anthony Alaribe

🔧 Tools & Code

jstream: A Streaming JSON Parser for Go — A document position and depth-aware parser.

Bradley Cicenas

Saw: Fast, Multi-Purpose CLI Tool for Tailing AWS CloudWatch Logs

Tyler Brock

Learn How to Ensure Golang Code Quality with SonarQube

DigitalOcean sponsor

xz: Pure Go Package for Reading and Writing 'xz'-Compressed Filesxz is a compression format becoming increasingly common in the Linux world.

Ulrich Kunitz

mkcert: A Tool to Make Locally-Trusted Development Certificates

Filippo Valsorda

Nanny: A Monitoring Tool That Monitors The Absence of Action

Lukáš Němec

See why Facebook, Spotify, & fastlane trust CircleCI with their CI/CD

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Remoto: A Simple RPC Ecosystem — Quickly spin up RPC services based on definitions written in Go that produce templates and supporting code.

Mat Ryer

MeQ: A Modern Messaging Platform Based on MQTT


Pion WebRTC: A Pure Go Implementation of The WebRTC Native API

Sean DuBois