#218 — July 5, 2018

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Golang Weekly

▶  Containers From Scratch — If you’ve got 40 minutes, this talk oriented around live coding a container in Go is well worth watching to get a feel for what containers are and their underlying concepts.

Liz Rice

Go 1.11: WebAssembly for the Gophers — In a similar spirit to Brian Ketelsen’s article last week, here’s a practical look at writing your first Go program that targets the WebAssembly runtime.

Nicolas Lepage

How To Reduce the Risks Of Continuous Delivery — Continuous Delivery brings a lot of benefits, but deploying to production can be filled with uncertainty. Reduce risks with the right culture, architecture, and tooling to deploy earlier and more often. Download free guide.

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Microsoft is Porting Go to Windows/ARM32 — A bit out of the blue, though “all but a few tests are passing” and they’re keen to get it merged soon. Windows 10 IoT is a speculated use-case.

Jordan Rhee (Microsoft)

Hugo Turns 5 Years OldHugo, the popular static website framework, started life 5 years ago. Here’s where it’s going.


A Comprehensive Guide to Serverless Go on AWS Lambda — This article isn’t perfect and wobbles around a bit, but it covers a lot of ground if this is an area you’re moving into.


Ask HN: What Highly Scalable Thing Have You Built with Go? — People on Hacker News shared some of the things they’ve built with Go.

Hacker News

💻 Jobs

Experienced Go Dev wanted in Thailand or Possibly Remote — We’re a fun team hiring for a mission critical role on an early stage open source project to create a technology with big impact.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery matches top tech talent with fast-growing companies. Create your profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials

Writing a Simple Shell in Go — This is another example that highlights how good the standard library is and how just a little code goes a long way in Go.

Simon Jürgensmeyer

Take Our 5-Min Survey & Win a Chance at a Lego Mindstorm — We want to know your pain points building & programming open source languages. We've got 3 cool prizes too.

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Storing Go Structs in Redis using ReJSON

Nitish Malhotra

Realtime Chat with GraphQL Subscriptions in Go — Also uses Vue.js with the Apollo client libraries.

Tin Rabzelj

The Go Compiler's SSA Optimization Rules Description Language — A very technical look at how the Go compiler performs Static Single Assignment, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Iskander Sharipov

How Go Interfaces Can Facilitate Switching External Services

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GopherJS vs WebAssembly for Go

Hajime Hoshi

🔧 Tools & Code

lightproxy: An Easy Way to Use Local Domains for Development — lightproxy lets you map hostnames to a local port. You can also point a hostname to a folder and serves file directly out of the folder.

Goat Blog

Mort: An S3-Compatible Storage and Image Processing Server — Can do things like resize, rotate and crop images, convert between formats, etc.

Marcin Kaciuba

Liman: Go-Powered Webapp for Monitoring Docker

Salih Çiftçi

Form: Easily Create HTML Forms with Go Structs — The author says “I got sick of creating HTML forms for Go structs so I built a package to simplify it for me.”

Jon Calhoun

Labean: A Simple HTTP/HTTPS Port Knocker for Linux

Kirill Ovchinnikov

jwalk: Walk Through JSON with Go

Roman Budnikov