#222 — August 2, 2018

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Golang Weekly

Go 1.11's Versioned Modules Documentation — In recent weeks we’ve linked a few tutorials relating to Go 1.11’s versioned modules support, but now there’s an official documentation page on Go’s GitHub wiki that goes into more depth and links to other resources.

Go Repository

Keeping Important Go Packages Alive — A group of Go developers has come together to maintain popular Go libraries, ensuring they are well-maintained and safe to use. Their first library is gofrs/uuid and there are more to come.

Tim Heckman

Save Weeks Per Year Fixing Unseen Bugs in Your Go App with Sentry — Relying on users to report errors? Use Sentry to cut time to resolution from 5 hours to 5 minutes. Eliminate noise and route alerts to the right person or team based on the commit. Sentry is open source and loved by 500K developers. Sign up for free.

Sentry sponsor

A Response About dep & vgo — One of the contributors behind dep explains the dep/vgo/dependency saga from his perspective. A very interesting read.

Peter Bourgon

Running a Go API with Hot Reloading and Docker — A complete example (with GitHub repo) that uses CompileDaemon to handle the hot reloading with Docker.

Zach Johnson

'Writing A Compiler In Go' Book Released — The sequel to the excellent “Writing an Interpreter in Go”. It costs money, but the sample PDF might sell you on the quality.

Thorsten Ball

Getting Started with Go Development on the Pixelbook — You can configure Google’s new Pixelbook to run Linux, enabling its use for Go development. In a follow-up post, Daniela showed how she used this setup to contribute to the Go project itself.

Daniela Petruzalek

💻 Jobs

Software Engineer (Platform) in Los Angeles, CA — DeepCurrent is creating the most efficient invoice processing solution, where structured data can be leveraged to serve customers and create value.

DeepCurrent Technologies, Inc.

Find A Go Job Through Vettery — Create a profile to connect with 4,000+ companies seeking top tech talent.


📘 Tutorials

Life: A Fast Cross-Platform WebAssembly VM in GoGitHub repo.

Perlin Network

The Go Low-Level Calling Convention on x86-64 — A technical look at how the Go compiler creates assembly out of function calls, arguments, and exception handling.

Raphael 'kena' Poss

Taking Go Modules for a Spin on Go 1.11 (beta2) — We featured this a few weeks ago but it has been updated for the very latest Go 1.11 beta.

Dave Cheney

Getting Started with Manifold

Manifold sponsor

Refactoring Go Switch Statements

Vik Kuznecovas

Go Modules and CircleCI — Last week Dave Cheney wrote about Go modules and Travis CI, and now here’s a follow-up that uses CircleCI.

Todd Keech

▶  Building a Network Command Line Interface Tool in Go

Elliot Forbes

▶  Building Go Applications for the Open Cloud — This session highlights the newly released Go Cloud project that assists in developing applications for the open cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Learn About Kubernetes Infrastructure in Our Latest Community Post

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🔧 Tools & Code

Istio 1.0: A Platform to Connect and Manage Microservices — A key part of Google’s Cloud Services Platform and built in Go.


Machinery: Async Job Queue Based on Distributed Message Passing

Richard Knop

Venom: A Pluggable Configuration Management Library with Zero Dependencies — Venom allows you to easily specify defaults and overrides, as well as load values from the environment, files, or flags.

Jon Nappi

Be the First to Try Powerful CI/CD Pipelines in Semaphore 2.0 — Model your workflow from commit to deploy the simple way with powerful pipelines. Be one of the first to try it.

Semaphore sponsor

repo-security-scanner: CLI Tool to Find Secrets Accidentally Committed to Git — Passwords, private keys, etc. Interestingly, it’s been built at the UK’s Home Office (the UK’s official department for law and order).

UK Home Office

Chart: Quick Chart Generation from Data on STDIN — Renders pie charts, bar charts, etc. to a temporary HTML page.

Mariano Gappa

embiggen-disk: Recursively Live-Resize a File System on Linux


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