#223 — August 9, 2018

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Golang Weekly

▶  The Robustness of Go — This talk covers the design decisions of Go that help with building robust programs, but also Go’s weaknesses in this area especially in comparison to Erlang. One of those talks where you won’t necessarily feel you learnt much about Go per se, but more about the bigger picture.

Francesc Campoy

Basic Monitoring of Go Apps with the 'runtime' Package — Go’s runtime and expvar packages supply a low barrier to exposing useful metrics about your program without any external tools.

Tit Petric

What Is Rollbar? Real-Time Error Monitoring for Go — Detect errors in your production Go apps, then debug them in minutes before users notice. Rollbar Go SDK is open source, lightweight, and agentless. Get unlimited errors during your free trial.

ROLLBAR sponsor

On The Uses and Misuses of Panics in Go — A philosophical look at Go’s exception and error handling that focuses on the intention of panic versus the pragmatism of situations in coding.

Eli Bendersky

Go 1.11 Beta 3 Released“Please try your production load tests and unit tests with the new version. Your help testing these pre-release versions is invaluable.”

Dmitri Shuralyov

go-health: A Health Checking Library for Go-Powered Services — A scalable health checking library for Go services to help developers set up Kubernetes health check probes that are safe from DoS attacks and scalable for large deployments.

Josh Brown (InVision)

Go Was The Fastest Growing Language Used in GitHub Pull Requests in Q2 2018 — With 7.6% of pull requests using Go, only JavaScript, Python and Java were more heavily used.


💻 Jobs

Sr. Software Developer at CrowdStrike (Multiple Locations) — CrowdStrike stops hackers using a massive micro services architecture written in Golang.


Find A Go Job Through Vettery — Create a profile to connect with 4,000+ companies seeking top tech talent.


📘 Tutorials & Articles

Debugging Simple Memory Leaks in Go


Do You Need Go Training or Help Building an Application in Go?

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Using Go and Vue.js to Create a Volume Control App for Home Devices — The end result is a self-discovering no-config, home volume control system - one of those projects that make you smile.

Amit Bezalel

'TIL That gofmt Preserves Semicolons on Single Lines'

Brad Fitzpatrick on Twitter

Defensive Programming with Go using the Verifier Library

Bogdan Storozhuk

Measuring Multiple Return Values in Go and C++

Raphael Poss

Goodbye Python, Hello Go — One developer’s tale of using Go for a lot of the tasks for which he used to use Python.

Jake Wilson

🔧 Tools & Code

ZikiChombo: Open Source Sound Processing in Go — ZikiChombo’s projects include codecs, DSP, and plugin functionality.


What Should You Consider When Optimizing Containers for Kubernetes? — Improve your service's robustness and effectiveness with high-quality container images for Kubernetes.

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Jitterbug: Tickers with Random Jitterjitterbug.Ticker behaves like time.Ticker

Louis Thibault

CVScope: A CLI Tool to Experiment with Computer Vision — Uses the GoCV library to work with OpenCV 3.


go-set: Type-Safe, Zero-Allocation Sets for Go — Includes sets for most basic types along with functions you’d expect like Difference, Union, and Has.


Bild: A Collection of Parallel Image Processing Algorithms — Resizing, rotation, gamma and color changes, etc.

Anthony N. Simon

lazygit: A Simple Terminal UI for Git Commands — Written in Go with the gocui library.

Jesse Duffield

tf: A Microframework For Parametrized Testing of Functions

Elliot Chance

Data-Driven Guide to Level-Up Your Engineering Team 🚀

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Rclone: 'Rsync for Cloud Storage' Supporting ~20 Platforms

Nick Craig-Wood