#229 — September 20, 2018

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Golang Weekly

▶  The Scheduler Saga — A great 30 minute talk digging into the internals of Go runtime’s scheduler, the ‘behind-the-scenes orchestrator of Go programs’. If you want to understand how your Go programs are being run, watch this - you’ll learn a lot.

Kavya Joshi

Error Handling and Where 'Go2' Gets It Wrong — An experienced Go developer looks at Go’s approach to error handling and lays out his thoughts on the Go2 error handling proposal. Liam Breck has some criticisms of the proposal too.

Tit Petric

Enabling Module Support for Go v1.11 in CircleCI — A typical Go project on CircleCI will have a config that starts like this.

CircleCI sponsor

Migrating Passenger from C++ to Go? — A look at why Go could be a good choice for Passenger (a popular web application server that began in the Ruby and Rails worlds), along with an invitation for community input on the matter.


Optimizing an Already Fast Go Applicationscc is a fast ‘code counter’ for counting the number of lines of code and comments in source code for numerous languages. This post digs deep into how its author has sought to make it even faster.

Ben Boyter

A Fast, Thread-Safe Bloom Filter — A bloom filter implementation that promises to be ‘face-meltingly fast’ and can also optimize its own size for the collision probabilities of your choice.

Barry Allard

💻 Jobs

Mid-level & Senior Backend Go Engineers - North America (Remote) — Help us build & deliver reliable solutions for our clients. We are a high-performance software development firm.

Ardan Labs

Try Vettery — Create a profile to connect with inspiring companies seeking Go devs.


📘 Tutorials

Carving Up Rocket Photos from Unsplash with Go 1.11 — A fast-paced tutorial that reads images from Unsplash and applies seam carving to them. Read on to find out what “seam carving” is…

Thierry Schellenbach (Stream)

Record and Visualize Sound with Go — The example uses Simple DirectMedia Layer to draw a sound wave. Refer to this previous post to record the sound first.

Michael Lesniak

Build a Netflix Style Video Platform - Golang API Client — Play videos at the same quality & speed as Netflix & YouTube. API clients for all major languages.

Bitmovin sponsor

Debug a Go App in Kubernetes from an IDE — A useful tip and creating a “debug” build process for your k8s-hosted Go application and being able to live-debug in an IDE (Goland in the post.)

Seb Allamand

Log Deletion on an ELK Stack using Go

Mario Zupan

A Handmade Mutex in 28 Lines of Go

Alexander Borisov

🔧 Tools & Code

Ants: A High-Performance Goroutine Pool — If your program is designed to generate a large number of goroutines, Ants can automatically manage and recycle them.

Andy Pan

Manifold is the Marketplace for Independent Developer Services 🎉

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Go vs. Python in Code Examples — It’s pretty neat to be able to compare syntax side by side.

Peter Bengtsson and others

pdfcpu: A PDF Processor Written in Go“an effort to build a PDF processing library from the ground up written in Go with strong support for batch processing via a rich command line”

Horst Rutter

Buffalo v0.13 Beta 1 ReleasedBuffalo is a popular Go webapp framework/set of tools. The most interesting change is Go Modules support, but there are some other nice additions here, too.

Antonio Pagano

GORM: A 'Developer Friendly' ORM Library


ql: A Pure Go Embedded SQL Database


Catch Go Errors Before Users Do

ROLLBAR sponsor

webauthn: Integate with the Web Authentication API from Go

Koen Vlaswinkel

Tarsgo: A High Performance Microservice Framework