#230 — September 27, 2018

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Golang Weekly

▶  A Go Programmer's Guide to Secure Connections — A practical 40 minute talk, complete with demos, that digs into the theory and implementation of secure TCP connections and working with and managing them from Go code.

Liz Rice

How a Go Program Compiles Down to Machine Code“Today we are going to look at the Go 1.11 compiler and how it compiles down your Go source code to an executable…” In other words, more fun with lexers, parsers, ASTs, and friends.

Koen Vlaswinkel (Stream)

Burn Your Logs — Use Sentry's open source error tracking to get to the root cause of issues. Setup only takes 5 minutes.

Sentry sponsor

'I Ported My Gameboy Color Emulator to WebAssembly' — Daniel unearthed some Go code he wrote in 2013 and tweaked and compiled it (rather easily, to his surprise) to WebAssembly to get an emulator running in the browser. The potential for Go’s new WebAssembly support is significant.

Daniel Harper

▶  Running Go Directly on an Arduino Uno — A video showing how a Go program using GPIO, ADC, PWM, and I2C simultaneously can run entirely on an Arduino Uno thanks to TinyGo, a Go compiler for targeting microcontrollers.

Ron Evans

A Live REPL That Runs in Your Browsergo-pry is a REPL that allows you to drop into a Go program, and this demo brings that same Go REPL right into your browser thanks to WebAssembly. Very cool.

Tristan Rice

💻 Jobs

Mid-level & Senior Backend Go Engineers - North America (Remote) — Help us build & deliver reliable solutions for our clients. We are a high-performance software development firm.

Ardan Labs

Try Vettery — Create a profile to connect with inspiring companies seeking Go devs.


📘 Tutorials

How to Develop a gRPC Microservice — The start of a four-part series on developing a microservice with all the fixins: gRPC, REST, middleware, and deployment via Kubernetes.

Aleksandr Sokolovskii

A Standard Go Project Layout — This repo aims to present a ‘standardized’ approach (though not an official one) for laying out a Go application file-wise.

Kyle Quest

Interested in OpenFaaS? Learn How to Get Started with Docker Swarm

DigitalOcean sponsor

Learn How an Ethereum Implementation Works in Go — A (currently) free curriculum on building an Ethereum app in Go.


▶  Go Idioms Discovered — ..from building a system package manager.

Stephen McQuay

Requirements to Consider for Go 2 Error Handling“There are thirty-something counter-proposals on the feedback wiki for the Go 2 Error Handling Draft Design” Here is one author’s attempt to whittle those down.

Liam Breck

Go Performance Tuning: Latency and Efficiency Optimization

StackImpact sponsor

🔧 Tools & Code

Charlatan: A Go Interface Mocking Tool — Use this to create fake implementations of interfaces for unit testing purposes. Full introduction here.


Detective: A Distributed Application Health Monitoring Library

Soham Kamani

Tarsgo: A High Performance Microservice Framework — Built at Tencent, it boasts 5x the performance of gRPC but, naturally, is a separate thing and not compatible with it.


Monitoring and Distributed Tracing for Go Apps — Get full-stack monitoring and alerting for Go apps and 250+ infrastructure integrations. Try Datadog free.

Datadog sponsor

Kubespy: Tools for Observing Kubernetes Resources in Real Time — Written in Go, naturally :-)


Kronos: A Distributed Timestamp Oracle — For having synchronized timestamps within a cluster.


Signal: A Simple Web Analytics System Built in Go — Bills itself as a ‘more privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics’.