#237 — November 15, 2018

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Golang Weekly

Nine Years of Go — Go is nine years old and going strong. Here, the team looks back on an incredible 2018 with a peek toward 2019 and Go 2 and notes that more contributions than ever are coming from the wider community.

Steve Francia and the Go Team

Participate in the 2018 Go User Survey — It’s that time of year again. “These surveys and questionnaires have played an enormous role in driving changes to our language and community, from our new code of conduct, to our latest release Go 1.11.”

The Go Blog

Monitoring and Distributed Tracing for Go Apps — Collect, visualize, and alert on custom metrics in real-time. Utilize distributed tracing and interactive flame graphs to gain full-stack visibility and optimize Go application performance with Datadog. Try it free.

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▶  Rob Pike on the Go 2 Draft Specifications — We’ve linked to a lot of the proposals for what could be in future versions of Go recently, but here Go core team member Rob Pike covers the full lay of the land.

Sydney Golang Meetup

Lorca: Build Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Go and HTML — Lorca lets you use Chrome as a UI layer for your Go app, though unlike Electron it uses a preinstalled Chrome instance rather than a bundled version. It’s similar to Carlo which does the same for Node.js apps.

Serge Zaitsev

Athens: A Proxy Server for Go Modules — Now in beta, Athens is a proxy server that can keep hold of all your Go dependencies and ensure their availability whether locally on your own machine or to your CI/CD system.

Marwan Sulaiman

TLS 1.3 Support Merged Into Go Master Branch — It should be included in the final release of Go 1.12, but now is the time to start testing if you build libraries or systems leaning heavily on TLS.

Damian Gryski on Twitter

💻 Jobs

Golang Software Engineer - Toronto — Gaming company WGAMES is seeking a talented Golang Software Engineer for a permanent/ full-time position in Toronto. The company helps with the work permit.


Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials

A Tutorial for Building an API with GraphQL, Postgres and Go

Bradford Lamson-Scribner

The Go 1.11 Dockerfile — A follow-up of a previous post for containerizing Go web applications, here is an improved Dockerfile optimized for Go 1.11.

Pierre Prinetti

Stratus Update – Weekly Delivery of Cloud Native News ⛅️

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Deploying Go Code to AWS Lambda on Windows — If you’re on Windows, be thankful that someone has gone through the details of doing this.


Seeking Helpful Errors in Go with xerrs — xerrs is another errors package if you haven’t found one that suits you yet.

Rose Rocket

Submit a link to us to (potentially) win a cute Go gopher!

Golang Market has kindly given us 20 Go gophers (inspired by Renee French's design) and we're giving one away each week to a random person who submits a link, whether or not we use it. You can submit your link here. Good luck.

Alternatively, you can get your own gopher here if you simply can't wait. 😃

🔧 Tools & Code

Cross-Language Performance Profile Exploration with Speedscope — Speedscope is “an interactive, web-based viewer for large performance profiles” and you can import your pprof profiles right into it.

Mozilla Hacks

Learning Go with the InfluxDB Go Library

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Logger: A Simple Cross-Platform Go Logging Library


Titan: A Redis Protocol Compatible Distributed NoSQL Database — Very much ‘under development’. Uses the Redis protocol but is based on TiKV.

Meitu, Inc.

golua: A Lua 5.3 Engine Implemented in Go — An interesting experiment from Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure

progress: Measuring Progress of Long io.Reader and io.Writer Ops — Includes remaining time estimation, too. More info here.

Machine Box

asciiConvert: A Go Tool to Convert Images to ASCII Art

Kautilya Tripathi