#239 — November 29, 2018

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Golang Weekly

Errors in Go: From Denial to Acceptance — Could also be called the ‘five stages of Go error grief’. Practical advice on getting the most out of handling errors ‘the Go way’ from the creator of imgproxy and Overmind.

Sergey Alexandrovich

TinyGo: A Go Compiler for Microcontrollers“TinyGo uses LLVM internally instead of emitting C, which… leads to smaller and more efficient code”. It doesn’t support everything, though.

Sarah Schlothauer

Go Productive with New GoLand IDE 2018.3 — Change Signature refactoring, Google App Engine debugger, Go core dumps support, Testify and Mozilla rr, improved code completion, support for diagrams, updates for VCS, Docker, and Kubernetes, and much more. Try free for 30 days.

JetBrains sponsor

GoCV 0.18.0: Go Computer Vision Now with OpenCV 4 SupportGoCV is a package for performing computer vision related tasks in Go that leans on the popular OpenCV library which has recently hit version 4.0.

The Hybrid Group

6 Tips for Using Strings in Go — Covers topics like how to write multiline strings, concatenate strings efficiently, convert various data types into strings, check for prefixes, and converting strings to byte slices.

Jon Calhoun

💻 Jobs

Mid-level & Senior Backend Go Engineers - North America (Remote) — Help us build and deliver reliable solutions for our clients. We are a high-performance software development firm.

Ardan Labs

Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials

How to Build A Photo Feed with Go and Vue.js — The end result uses the Pusher service for a real-time user experience.

Neo Ighodaro

Building a Web App with Go, Gin and React — How to build a web application with Go and the Gin framework and add authentication to it.

Francis Sunday

Making a (Very) Simple DNS Server in Go

Khoa Pham

How to Optimize Software by Efficiently Comparing Strings

DigitalOcean sponsor

How to Build and Deploy a Secure REST API with Go, PostgreSQL, JWT and GORM

Adigun Hammed Olalekan

From X to Go — A running list of links to articles about moving from various programming languages to Go.

Go Wiki

🔧 Code & Tools

Aminal: A Modern Terminal Emulator for Mac/Linux — It’s implemented using Go and OpenGL, but not quite ready for everyday use.

Liam Galvin

DNS: A Library to Work with DNS from Go — The docs aren’t super thorough but the library itself is and supports an incredible amount of DNS related RFCs and DNS features.

Miek Gieben

Simplify Data Collection with a Single API — Collect data once with Segment and send it to 200+ tools. Get a free developer account.

Segment sponsor

Machinery: Async Job Queue Based on Distributed Message Passing

Richard Knop

Fastcache: A Fast, Thread-Safe In-Memory Cache


treeprint: Simple ASCII Tree Composition and Rendering

Maxim Kupriianov

checkmail: An Email Address Validation Package — Supports three levels of checks - format, valid domain, and checking the user exists via SMTP.

Florian Carrere

sso: A Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution for Securing Internal ServicesMore info here.


GoBGP: BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Implementation in Go — One for the networking and TCP/IP crowd. If you need this, you’ll know.


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