#240 — December 6, 2018

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Golang Weekly

Go 2, Here We Come — The next ‘big’ version of Go is informally called ‘Go 2’ although its proposed improvements will come to Go gradually rather than in one truly new version. Following a new, community-driven proposal evaluation process, the core team has selected three existing proposals for inclusion in 1.13.

Robert Griesemer

Postmortem Debugging Go Services with Delve — A step-by-step tutorial using the Go debugger tools, including GDB and Delve, to investigate a web application that is hanging in production.

Vladimir Varankin

How Do Top Developers Deliver Video? - Download the 2018 Video Report — Hundreds of developers around the world reveal their preferred video streaming solutions.

Bitmovin sponsor

ff: A 'Flags-First' Package for Configuration — Provides an opinionated way to populate a flag.FlagSet with configuration data from the environment via cmd line args, config file, or environment variables.

Peter Bourgon

Best Practices for Using Mage To Build Your Project“At Mattel, using mage has solved a lot of common dev problems, like mismatched binaries, forgetting processes, and just time spent wrangling the command line.” Mage is a make-like build tool powered by Go.

Nate Finch

💻 Jobs

Sr. Software Developer at CrowdStrike (Multiple Locations) — CrowdStrike stops hackers using a massive micro services architecture written in Golang.


Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials

Automagical HTTPS with Docker and Go — Use the acme/autocert package to make auto SSL certificate management a breeze.

Brendan Roy

Splitting Data with Content-Defined Chunking

Alexander Neumann

Watch How to Create a Terraform Provider for Just About Anything

DigitalOcean sponsor

How to Send and Receive SMS from Go via a Short Message Service Center (SMSC) — How to work at a low level by talking to a Short Message Service Center (SMSC) to send SMS text messages rather than using a higher level third party service.

Jorick Caberio

A Closer Look at the Go Type System — Named types, unnamed types, and underlying types, oh my!

Ankur Anand

Validating ECDSA Signatures in Go — ECDSA signatures are used in blockchains so knowing how to validate them could make you rich (and then, likely, poor again.)

Thane Thomson

🔧 Tools & Code

k6: A Go-Powered Open Source Load Testing Tool“Like unit testing, for performance.”

Load Impact AB

Neo4j 3.5 Released: The Popular Graph Database — Relevant because it includes a new Go driver that makes it both easier and faster to use Neo4j from Go.}

Ivan Zoratti (Neo4j)

go-consistent: Source Code Analyzer That Helps You to Make Your Go Programs More Consistent

Iskander (Alex) Sharipov

Video Encoding, Storage, and Delivery in A Single Platform — Mux Video takes the pain out of video encoding and streaming with a simple API to video. Get a free account plus $20 credit.

Mux sponsor

Ethr: A Cross-Platform Network Performance Measurement Tool — Measure network performance measurements such as bandwidth, connections/s, packets/s, latency, loss & jitter, across multiple protocols. Built at Microsoft, too.


q: A Better Way to Do Print-Style Debugging — Use q.Q instead of fmt.Printf and your variables will be printed in a way that’s more useful in debugging scenarios. Plus it’s shorter.

Ryan Boehning

ObjectBox Go: A Fast, Embedded Database for Go Objects — Store objects in ObjectBox and find them again using powerful queries. More info here.

ObjectBox Ltd.

Huego: A Philips Hue Client Library for GoHue is a range of remote controllable lighting from Philips.

Amir Mofasser

Gorilla WebSocket: A WebSocket Implementation for Go

Gorilla web toolkit

Baur: A Build Management Tool for Git-Based Monorepos

simplesurance GmbH

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