#245 — January 17, 2019

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Golang Weekly

Go (1.11) Now Supported on Google Cloud Functions — Go joins Node and Python as supported languages on Google’s serverless platform and answer to AWS Lambda. Here’s some quick-start docs and a really well produced three minute video introduction.

Google Cloud Blog

Compiling Go to WebAssembly — For many years JavaScript has been the way to write front-end logic, but WebAssembly opens up options as a compilation target for other, traditionally server-side languages.

James Milner

Do You Need Help Migrating an Application to Go? — Do you need to augment your development team or need expert help in building your product? When it comes to building, maintaining and deploying production level software in Go, there are few companies that have the level of expertise and experience Ardan Labs has.

Ardan Labs sponsor

GopherCon 2019 Call For Proposals: Submit a Talk — The leading Go conference takes place in California this July and if you want to speak, you’ve got two weeks from today to submit a proposal.


Building Self Hosted Alexa Skills with Go — Learn how to create an Amazon Alexa Skill with Golang and self-host it outside of AWS Lambda on a different platform such as Heroku.

Rob King

A Thought Experiment: What if Flutter Were Built in Go? — Flutter, Google’s mobile development framework, is written in Dart, but what if it were written in Go? Some practical thinking on the possibilities here.

Ivan Danyliuk

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer - Identity - WeWork (San Francisco) — WeWork is looking for strong software engineers with 5+ years of experience to help build the future of our backend systems.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials & Articles

Breaking All The Rules: Using Go to Call Windows APIs — The lessons learned and chances taken building out a part of a part of Nomad, a deployment framework.

Justen Walker

How to Create An SSH Tunnel in Go — You can do it from the shell, of course, but if you need to do it from Go, it’s possible to rig up.

Elliot Chance

How to Mock in Go — Three different approaches to creating mocks so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Adnaan Badr

Embedding Caddy Web Server in Go — Most folks will run Caddy as a standalone binary, but it’s possible to pull Caddy into your Go app and extend it how you like.

Backend Army

How Do Top Developers Deliver Video? - Download the 2018 Video Report — Hundreds of developers around the world reveal their preferred video streaming solutions.

Bitmovin sponsor

▶  Live-Building a Scalable API in Go with Kubernetes“In this video I am creating a scalable API in Go with Docker, and then deploying it to the Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform.” 29 minutes.

Daniil Furmanov

🔧 Tools & Code

Act: Run Your GitHub Actions LocallyGitHub Actions is a still in-beta service that lets you perform various workflows on your repositories.


Stats: A Comprehensive Go Statistics Library Package — No dependencies, well tested, work with concepts like averages, sums, percentiles, standard deviation, etc.

Montana Flynn

serve: A Static HTTP Server Anywhere You Need One“It’s basically python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 written in Go”

Chase Hutchins

Stegify: Go Tool for LSB Steganography — LSB (Least Significant Bit) Steganography is a technique for transparently hiding files within images.

Dimitar Petrov

Monitoring & Distributed Tracing for Go Apps. Try Datadog Free

Datadog sponsor

Go Micro: A No-Dependency Microservice Framework — Mature and in production use at various companies. It’s had a few key releases this month.

Micro Technologies

chezmoi: Manage Dotfiles Securely Across Multiple Machines

Tom Payne

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This week's winner is Daniel Kang who submitted Tengo: A Fast Embeddable Script Language for Go - congratulations.