#246 — January 24, 2019

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Go 1.11.5 and Go 1.10.8 Released — Both releases (downloads here) fix a potential security issue and DoS vulnerability relating to crypto/elliptic’s elliptic curve cryptography implementation. (And if you don’t understand how elliptic curve cryptography works and wish you did, I recommend this article.)

Julie Qiu

Do You Need Help Migrating an Application to Go? — Do you need to augment your development team or need expert help in building your product? When it comes to building, maintaining and deploying production level software in Go, there are few companies that have the level of expertise and experience Ardan Labs has.

Ardan Labs sponsor

Taking Google Cloud Functions for a Spin in GoLast week, we featured that Google’s serverless ‘Cloud Functions’ platform now supports Go, and here’s a look at how it works.

Luke Freeman

▶  A 13 Minute Intro to Building Google Cloud Functions in Go — We know most of you prefer tutorials to videos, but for those of you who do like a good video, this one flies through the fundamentals of deploying Go functions to Google Cloud.The basics around deploying Go functions to Google Cloud that are triggered by HTTP and Pub/Sub events.

package main

Archiver: Easily Create and Open Archive Formats — Easily create and extract .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.xz, .tar.lz4, .tar.sz, and .rar (extract-only) files with Go.

Matt Holt

💻 Jobs

Backend Engineer - Identity - WeWork (San Francisco) — WeWork is looking for strong software engineers to help build the future of our backend systems.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials

Some Notes on Supporting Go Modules — Some things a developer has learnt while adding support for Go modules to over 20 projects.

Sam Whited

Data Migration with Go and MongoDB — Creating a command-line tool after struggling with a solution in Node.

Elton Minetto

Making a Simple NTP Client in Go — Network Time Protocol is how servers sync their clocks over a network.

Vladimir Vivien

▶  Building Resilient Data Pipelines in Go — A look at how GE built a high throughput data pipeline in Go using Kafka and Cassandra and how you can too.

Grant Griffiths

Image Resizing with Go and Cloud Functions — The ‘Hello World’ of serverless applications done with Go (and the last time we mention Cloud Functions in this issue, we promise).

Adil H

🔧 Tools & Code

gotest: go test, But With Colors


Task: A Go-Built Task Runner and Alternative to GNU Make

Andrey Nering

Simplify Event Tracking with a Single API — Collect data once with Segment and send it to 200+ tools. Get a free developer account.

Segment sponsor

tds: A SAP ASE/RS/IQ Driver for Go — If you don’t work with SAP, move on. If you do, this may be of interest.


torsniff: A Go Program that 'Sniffs' Torrents from the BitTorrent Network — Did you know it’s possible to get information on torrents from BitTorrent’s distributed hash table? I enjoyed this talk on the topic last night if you’re curious.


Please: A High-Performance Extensible Build System for Reproducible Builds

Thought Machine

Tengo: A Fast Embeddable Script Language for Go

Daniel Kang

Shop Like a Developer – Discover and Experiment with Hot New Cloud Services 🔥

Manifold sponsor

Shipspotter: Tool for Tunneling Into Remote Docker Containers Over SSH — An automated port forwarder for accessing services not exposed from a remote Docker container over an SSH tunnel.

Shimmur, Inc.

A Go Custom Flutter Engine Embedder for Desktop — Allows you to embed a Flutter (Google’s UI framework for mobile apps) app on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Pierre Champion

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