#307 — April 10, 2020

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Golang Weekly

Dear reader,

Long before we'd heard the term 'covid', we'd planned to take Easter Friday (today) off and tell you about this in last week's issue. But we forgot 🤭

As we tend to get lots of emails whenever we merely publish late, I didn't want to run the risk of everyone thinking we were in trouble by not sending anything :-)

So we're back next Friday but while I'm here, I have a few links to share:

As always, we hugely appreciate your support and that you continue to read the newsletter, check out our sponsors, and send us things to include each week. We are only a 'Reply' button away if you need us.

Happy Easter if you celebrate it. Happy Friday, if you don't 😄

— Peter Cooper and the Cooperpress team

P.S. If I were going to recommend just one of our other newsletters to check out, it'd be StatusCode Weekly. It's a general roundup of useful programming goodness, often with a lot of interesting stories thrown in.

This week we featured a VS Code extension that encourages you to take breaks, a compilation of explanations of Unix package names, some technical writing courses Google has shared, a clever Google Maps API optimization and, well, a lot more.