#​373 — July 30, 2021

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Go Weekly

GitHub Bringing Supply Chain Security Features to the Go Community — You can now view your dependency graph, be notified when your dependencies have vulnerabilities, and find advisories related to CVEs for Go.


GoLand 2021.2 Released — The second major release of the year for the commercial Go IDE which we feature mostly because in every community survey we see it’s rather popular :-) 2021.2 boasts improvements to Go module management, the ability to use gofmt as well as GoLand’s own formatter, and improved Go 1.17 support.

Sergey Kozlovskiy (JetBrains)

Understanding and Preventing Common Security Vulnerabilities — Join Buildkite on a tour of some of the most common security problems companies face, and how you can prevent them.

Buildkite sponsor

How to Build a Go CRUD HTTP API with EntEnt is an entity framework for go – essentially an ORM for modeling database schemas with Go objects. It now has a new extension called elk that can generate full RESTful API endpoints from such schemas.


Let's Do Some Data Science in Go: How Much To Tip? — So how much (as a percentage) should you tip your taxi driver? Miki attempts to answer this question by crunching some numbers with Go to see what other people are doing.

Miki Tebeka

📖  The Ultimate Go Notebook — William Kennedy, Go trainer extraordinaire, and Hoanh An have teamed up to write a Go book based on everything covered in Bill’s popular Go training classes. It costs (a little) money, but if you need convincing, here’s Bill being very excited about it.

Bill Kennedy and Hoanh An

▶  How to Make Mistakes in Go — As co-host Mat Ryer explained on Twitter: “If you’re just too good at writing Go and wish you could make more mistakes, this episode is for you.” Teiva Harsanyi, author of 100 Go Mistakes, joins the Go Time crew to really explain how to avoid mistakes ;-)

Go Time Podcast podcast

'Packet Editing' Games in Go — Use Go (and iptables) to intercept and modify network packets from old games to, in this case, change the text in a game. Just remember, cheating is bad, m’K?



Software Engineer - Go, 100% Remote — Series-A, B2B neobank tailored to e‑commerce.

Senior Software Engineer (Remote in the US) — Snapdocs is now a Unicorn with a $1.5B+ valuation. We’re a SaaS product disrupting the mortgage and real-estate industry. Join our growing distributed team. ROR, Go, Postgres, React, AWS.

Find Tech Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

🛠 Code & Tools

carbon: A Simple, Semantic and Developer-Friendly Go Package for Datetime — Carbon offers a massive number of functions that make handling date and time creation, parsing, comparison, etc. much easier and more semantic.


Gorse: An Open Source Recommender System — Gorse uses ML to provide a RESTful API of recommendations based on the data you feed it. It includes a dashboard and API docs.


Harmonica: A Simple Spring Animation Library — This is one of those things where the visuals on the README will help you understand a lot. But if you need to simulate smooth springy motion, this is for you.


goqu: An Expressive SQL Builder and Querying Library — We first linked this over six years ago and it continues to get releases and improvements - always nice to see!

Doug Martin

An Operations-Free Document Database with ACID Transactions

Fauna sponsor

Health: A Simple and Flexible Health Check Library — Provides a http.Handler that acts as a health endpoint and can be checked on the regular.

Alexander Liesenfeld

Micro: A Go-Powered Terminal-Based Text Editor — Aiming to be “somewhat of a successor to the nano editor”, Micro continues to be a mature and good example of building a text editor in Go.

Zachary Yedidia

aws-lambda-go: Libraries, Samples, and Tools for Go and AWS Lambda — Libraries, samples and tools to help you build functions for AWS’s flagship serverless platform.

Amazon Web Services

Concourse: A Container-Based Continuous 'Thing-Doer' — Love the description on this one. Essentially it’s a CI/CD oriented workflow automation system and is, of course, written in Go. Pretty homepage.


llvm: A Library for Interacting with LLVM IR in Pure Go
Robin Mewmew et al.

Vitess 11: A Clustering System for Horizontally Scaling MySQL